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Working with Package & Membership Receipts

This guide will cover the information that is displayed on patient receipts depending on the payment model that has been set up for your package or membership (pass).

Before getting started, check out our guide on Printing or Emailing Receipts if you’d like a quick refresher on how to generate receipts in Jane.


There are two different types of payment models commonly used with passes:

1️⃣ First, there is the payment model where the patient pays the entire pass amount upfront, and then no additional amount is collected for the individual sessions. In the example below, the patient would pay $250 upfront for the 5 sessions, but each time they come in for their visit, they are not required to pay any additional amount (Patient Pays = $0).

2️⃣ Conversely, the other payment model is the opposite of this: the patient pays $0 upfront, but they pay a reduced fee per individual session. This example is identical in quantity and total value as the example above, except the patient pays $0 upfront, and a reduced rate of $50 for each of the five sessions (for a total of $250).

In addition, there are also two scenarios that we will cover for both of these payment schedules:

  • Scenario 1: Receipt for the upfront pass fee.
  • Scenario 2: Receipt for the individual session covered by a pass.

Depending on the clientele, discipline, and insurance needs of your clinic, the information required on patient receipts may influence how you choose to set up your package. Let’s take a closer look!


Receipt for Upfront Package Fee

This is the receipt you will provide your patient upon the initial purchase of the package. If you are collecting an upfront lump sum amount, the Standard (Options) Receipt will look like so:

The Detailed version of this receipt looks quite similar:

In contrast, here is what the Standard Receipt would look like for a package where there is no initial fee ($0) collected upfront.


Receipts for Individual Sessions Covered by Package

This is the receipt you will provide your patient after each individual session after a use of the package has been redeemed.

Payment Upfront, $0 Individual Sessions

If you are collecting an upfront amount, you will likely end up setting the Patient Pays field to $0 when configuring your package so that you are not collecting from the patient twice. This means that all subsequent sessions will be adjusted down to a no charge ($0) invoice.

The main difference between the standard and detailed receipt is that the detailed version will display the original value of the session along with the discount provided.

Standard (Options) Receipt:

Detailed Receipt:


$0 Upfront, Reduced Rate for Individual Sessions

If you are charging a reduced rate per individual session, you will likely have the Patient Pays value set to a non-zero number. In this case, both the standard and detailed receipt will cover the value of the payment that was collected for the session. However, just like in the previous scenario, the detailed receipt will also display the original price of the treatment and display the discount provided to arrive at the new total.

Standard (Options) Receipt:

Detailed Receipt:

We hope this helps! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at [email protected].

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