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Packages FAQs

This guide is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions around Jane’s Packages feature. If you haven’t seen them already, we have a handful of packages guides on several topics:

How can I transfer a client with an existing package onto the new Packages feature?

If you have been managing package-like offers within Jane prior to the dedicated packages feature, we would recommend beginning the transition over to the new package system with clients who have purchased a brand new package. For existing packages, we suggest maintaining your current system for this patient until the package has been completed.


I sold a package to a client by accident, how do I delete/remove it (instead of refund)?

If a package has been invoiced to a client and payment has not been collected, the option to delete the package invoice will be available from the drop-down under the Profile > Billing > Purchases area.

If a payment has already been applied, but this package was invoiced by mistake, the payment must first be unapplied in order for this delete option to be available.


Can a package be shared amongst family members?

Packages can currently only be redeemed by the patient who purchased the package. If several patients intend to share a package, we recommend that a shared gift card is used instead. This will allow multiple patients to access and redeem the credit that has been loaded onto the card to cover the cost of their appointment.


Can my clients purchase a package online?

Not at this time. Currently, packages can only be sold to a client from the administrative side of Jane.


Is it possible to set up a package that auto-invoices/recurs every month/week/year, etc.?

Not quite yet. The concept of a membership (recurring package) with the option for automatically scheduled payments is next up on our roadmap. This feature would build upon a good amount of the existing foundation that has been laid out in packages.


Can I set a package to “no expiry”?

Yes! The option to select “no expiry” as a default is available while setting up a package. A friendly reminder that you will be able to modify the expiry date for a package on an individual basis by visiting the package show page (under Profile > Billing > Packages > View). Leaving the expiry date blank will set the package to never expire. Visit our guide on Selling & Redeeming a Package to learn more about package expiry.


I’d like to sell a package to a client, but they will be paying in installments; how do I manage this in Jane?

A package must be fully paid in order for it to be available for redemption moving forward. With installment plans, only a portion of the payment may be collected at one time. If this describes your style of package, you may want to consider creating separate packages for each of the different installments so that you can keep track of how many payments are still remaining.


I work with a package that has individual limits (e.g. max 5 uses for session A, and max 5 uses for session B, for a total of ten uses), how do I manage this in Jane?

Your clinic may offer packages that are eligible for a certain number of sessions per treatment type, e.g. up to 5 acupuncture treatments and up to 5 massage treatments. However, there are currently no individual limits to the number of sessions by treatment type within a package, only a global limit (e.g. 10 in this case). In this type of package setup, we would recommend creating a separate mini- package for each of the individual offers. You could then sell both of the packages to your client at the same time so that you can keep track of the individual limits for each treatment type.


I’d like to collect an upfront payment for a package, but also provide my clients with a non-zero discounted receipt for each session — how can I do this?

This package method is well-suited for clinics who have patients submitting their receipts to insurance — we put together a quick video to go over the setup requirements. As a quick summary, the package will be set up as a “pay-as-you-go” offer, but an initial upfront payment is collected and stored on the client’s file as a credit. This payment is then used to cover the discounted rate of all upcoming appointments.

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