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Paying Balances Online

One of the benefits of Jane Payments is that it gives you the option to send patients their account statement and request that they pay it online.

This feature requires Jane’s in-app payment integration. To learn more about this feature, head over to this handy info page. You can also watch this video to see the integration in action.

If you aren’t using Jane’s in-app payment integration, check out this guide on Emailing an Invoice. This doesn’t let your patient pay their balance online, but it’s a great way to let them know about an outstanding balance.

But without further ado…

If a patient has a rejected insurance claim that leaves a balance on their account, or they forgot their wallet last time they were in, you may have some A/R you’re looking to collect.

You can ask clients to pay their balance by heading over to their Profile in the Patient’s tab (or link directly there from the Accounts Receivable Report). Click on the “Pay Balance” button to start.

You will get an opportunity to add some custom messaging to the email to explain what you’re sending over:

And the email looks like this:

You can’t currently choose which invoices you request payment for, and the patient can only pay the full private outstanding amount.

When they click on that Pay button they will head to a page that breaks down the amount owing, and gives them the opportunity to pay using a credit card:

They will then get a payment screen and the option to Print or Save their receipt as a PDF.

Patients will also be able to navigate to the My Account > Pay Balance area of the online portal to access this same payment interface, allowing them to settle up any outstanding balances on their own (no email required).