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When do I get my Jane Payments deposits?

With Jane Payments, you’ll receive a deposit every business day on a two day rolling basis (so Monday’s transactions deposit on Wednesday morning, and Friday’s transactions deposit on Tuesday morning).

There are a couple of reports in Jane that will help you track these payments and deposits, as well.

Head to the Reports tab and choose Jane Payments Transactions from the lefthand side. Here you can see all payments taken on the dates you’ve selected, as well as the patient name, how the transaction was taken, as well as your payment processing fees.

You can also click Jane Payments Payouts from the lefthand side, where you’ll see a list of all the payouts for the selected period of time, as well as any that are en route to your bank account.

Note: The first payout will be deposited in two business days, there is no waiting period and you’ll receive a one-time notification that it’s on the way to you!

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