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Why Does My Patient or Client’s Email Say ”Complaint”?

What does “Complaint” mean on emails?

When you see the ‘complaint’ tag on messages in the Messages tab, this is an indication of the email being sent but, is stuck in transit and undeliverable (Return to Sender– email style).

This means that the email provider (eg. ‘@gmail.com’ ‘@hotmail.com’ etc) was unable to deliver the email to their client (your patient) as we’ve been marked as spam.

How does this happen?

The patient has marked one of your messages as spam or their email provider has an anti-spam filter that blocks automatically generated emails (i.e. [email protected]).

To remain a safe email sender, Jane will stop sending all notifications out to that email address and they’re email gets put on our Do Not Email list or what we like to call, a suppression list.

How do we fix this?

The patient may have done this accidentally, so to fix this and have them receiving your messages again, here’s what you can do:

  1. You’ll want to reach out to the patient and ask that they add [email protected] to their safe sender list and confirm that you have their permission to start sending clinic communications again.

  2. Once you’ve confirmed that we’ve got the go-ahead to send emails again, you’ll want to reach out to us via [email protected] letting us know that you’ve received the consent of the patient to receive emails again. You can pass along the patient’s details by sending us a direct link or URL to the patient’s profile, and we can get them removed from the list on your behalf.

Please note that the Jane Team will need to access your Jane account to remove this person’s email from the “Do Not Email” list.

🙅🏽‍♀️ For patient privacy, please do not submit full names or email addresses to us via email — just the direct link to the patient profile will do the trick!

If you’re not sure how to do this, here’s a video to explain. Though unlike with our example, please let us know why you’re sending us this link, with a short explanation of they steps you’ve completed on your end.

You can check out our Message Log guide for more details on what the different notification statuses are in Jane.

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