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Phone Reminders List

Jane keeps a handy list of any patients that need a phone call reminder. These patients have been set to be reminded by phone. (Note that Jane is much too nice to use a robotic voice to call your patients–you or your staff will get a reminder so that your patients can get the human touch.)

Click the “Reminders” button on the schedule page to view the Reminders list.

The list will display all the patients who need a reminder today. Once you’ve called the patient, click the “Reminded” button to mark them as reminded.

Offer phone reminders to your patients for their next massage therapy, physiotherapy or chiropractic visit at your health care clinic.

In order to create the telephone reminder type, go to Settings, then Reminders, then click Add Reminder.

Then fill out your reminder options.

You can set to subscribe by default for new patients, and you can also choose whether patients can opt in for the reminder.

If you need to mass subscribe all your patients after the reminder type is created, please contact Jane Support ([email protected]).

Phone Reminders Due Report

Jane also has a dedicated Phone Reminders Due Report that will list patients who have an upcoming appointment and are scheduled to be reminded. The date range at the top of the report indicates the day they are scheduled to be reminded for (e.g. 1 day prior to their appointment) with their appointment date and time listed in the line item.

Once a patient has been called, the clinic can mark the patient as “called”, so the rest of the team knows that they have already been contacted.

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