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Intake Form Reminder Email FAQ

This is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions about Intake Form Reminder Emails.

We’re building Jane in collaboration with our community and would love your feedback on how to grow this feature. Feel free to jump to the feedback.


Language & Timing


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Do I need to set up Intake Form Reminder Emails?

Nope, you can sit back and relax because this feature is already enabled for all accounts. Your workflows will remain the same, only now, you don’t have to manually check and resend a form to remind a client to fill it out.

Can I disable this feature?

The only way to disable this feature is to select “Do Not Email” on a client profile. It’s important to note that by checking this box your clients will not receive any emails from Jane.

When are Intake Form Reminder Emails sent out?

Jane will automatically send an email reminder to clients with an incomplete (not started or in progress) Intake Form 24 hours before their appointment. This applies to both automatic and manual intake forms.

What does the reminder email look like?

Language & Timing

Can I change when the reminder is sent out?

No — the reminder email send time is not currently customizable. If this functionality would be helpful, we’d love to hear from you! You’re welcome to add your vote and feedback to the feature request here.

Can I customize the language?

Yes — you can customize the language in the Intake Form Reminder Email from the Settings tab > Language > Emails: Intake Form Prompt. You can preview how the form looks by heading to Settings > Emails > Intake Form Reminder.

Can I set up a second reminder?

Great question! Right now, only one Intake Form Reminder Email can be sent at the 24-hour mark.


If my clients have multiple pending intake forms, will they receive a separate reminder for each form?

Nope! We don’t want to send any more emails than necessary, so if a client has more than one incomplete intake form, Jane will send them one reminder with one link to fill out all incomplete forms.

If I have an Appointment Reminder set to go out 24 hours prior to each appointment, will my clients still receive the Intake Form Reminder Email?

Yes — clients will also receive an Intake Form Reminder Email for incomplete intake forms regardless of whether an Appointment Reminder also goes out 24 hours prior to their visit. We want to make sure that clients have a dedicated reminder to complete their intake forms, with an eye-catching subject line that’s hard to miss.

If my client has one completed form and one incomplete form, will their reminder prompt them to fill out both forms, or just the incomplete one?

Jane won’t ask a client to fill out a completed intake form again. The Intake Form Reminder Email will only link to intake forms that are pending or incomplete.

Why didn’t my client receive an Intake Form Reminder Email?

Clients won’t receive an Intake Form Reminder Email if:

  • The client’s appointment has been rescheduled more than 24 hours in advance. We are actively working to enable Intake Form Reminders for rescheduled appointments. Stay tuned!
  • The form is a Clinical Survey, rather than an Intake Form.
  • The client’s profile is marked Do Not Email, which means they won’t receive any email communication from Jane.

Can I send Intake Form Reminders via text message (SMS)?

No — Intake Form Reminders are currently only available as an email.

Your feedback

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