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Wait List Notifications: Client Experience

If you’re looking for more on Jane’s Wait List features, you can hop on to this page!

💡Heads up — while wait lists are available on all of our plans, automatic waitlist notifications are available only on the Thrive plan.

Wondering how Wait List Notifications work for clients? You’re in the right place!

Adding a Wait List Request

Clients can add a Wait List Request from 2 places:

  • The Online Booking site
  • My Account

From the Online Booking site, there are 2 places where clients are prompted to add a Wait List Request:

  • Below the list of treatments
  • Under the schedule, if you’re on a specific practitioner’s page

From the My Account page, Clients can choose Upcoming Appointments and scroll down to Wait List Requests. Here, you can:

  • View any existing Requests
  • Use the downward-facing arrow next to existing Requests to remove them
  • Click the button to Add a Wait List Request

Managing notification preferences

Clients can manage Wait List Notification preferences in 2 places:

  • When adding a Wait List Request, Jane will ask “How would you like to be notified of openings?” and give the option to receive notification via Email, SMS, or both (just so long as your clinic offers these).
  • If preferences have already been chosen, clients can go into the Notifications & Reminders section of My Account to adjust preferences.

Keep in mind that these will be specific to the practice. If a client is visiting an RMT at one clinic and seeing a counselor in their private practice (and both use Jane), preferences will need to be set for both clinics.

Practitioners and clinics can adjust these preferences for clients in the Client Profile as well!

Receiving a notification

If there’s a new opening that fits a client’s appointment preference and availability, and their practitioner/clinic has notifications set to send (or sends one themselves), clients will receive an email, SMS, or both.

Depending on a practice’s Online Booking settings, the email will provide a link to book that spot online or a prompt to call the clinic to book.

If it contains a link to book online and another client books the spot first, clients will see a message informing them that the spot is no longer available and another notification will be sent when a spot opens up. From the email, clients can also choose to remove a Wait List Request or update notification preferences.

If there are multiple time slots available within that day, Jane will know to offer all of the openings that fit the client’s preferences:

More questions? Need some troubleshooting help? Want to see how this will look for your clients? Find the answers you need in our Wait List hub!

If you’d like to chat with us about how this feature could work best for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 💙

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