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Setting Up Your Wait List Notifications

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Let’s get you all set up to start streamlining your Wait List management with Jane! 👀 Here’s a sneak peek of what Wait List Notifications will look like once they’re turned on:

To get started, head into the Settings of your Jane account and scroll down the options on the left to find Wait Lists. Once you’ve clicked on this, you’ll see some options:

First, ensure that ☑️ Allow Clients to add Wait List Requests, is checked off.

  • By default, Jane will have this checked off for you. This allows clients to enter their contact information, opt into SMS and/or email notifications, and add their preferred appointment dates and times from your Online Booking site.

Next, you can tick the box to ☑️ Enable Wait List Notifications.

This means that Jane will:

  • Check your Wait List and hold cancelled, deleted, no showed or moved appointment spots for clients whose preferences fit within that appointment time.
  • Give you the option to send all of those clients a notification, book in a specific client, or simply release that spot to be booked by anyone.
  • Opt your clients in to receive Email Wait List Notifications on their Client Profile (you can edit this to include SMS Notifications on a client-by-client basis). Jane will not send your clients notifications unless you enable automatic notifications or manually click Send Notifications Now. Clients can also opt themselves in to receive Notifications!

Now, you can set your ⏲️ Exclusive Access time using the drop-down box.

  • This is the amount of time after a notification has been sent (automatically or by clicking Send Notification(s) Now) that Jane will hold a spot exclusively for Wait List clients. When that time has passed, Jane will automatically release the spot to be booked by anyone.
  • For those not using automatic notifications, Jane will also add this to the admin buffer time so that you have a bit of extra time to manage a cancellation before the spot is automatically released.

Finally, choose if you’d like Jane to Send Wait List Notifications Automatically. This one is entirely up to you!

  • ☑️ When selected, after some admin buffer time, Jane will automatically send notifications to eligible clients on the Wait List.
    • Eligible clients are those whose Wait List appointment preferences and availability fit within the cancelled, deleted, or moved appointment time.
  • ⬜ When left unselected, Jane won’t send notifications unless you click the button to send them yourself.

Admin Buffer Time:

  • If the appointment starts in less than 24 hours, Jane gives you 15 minutes of admin buffer time.
  • If the appointment starts in more than 24 hours, Jane gives you 2 hours of admin buffer time.

Let’s keep the learning going…

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