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Using Wait List Notifications

If you’re looking for more on Jane’s Wait List features, including using automatic notifications, you can hop on to this page!

If you’re hoping to use Jane’s Wait List Notification feature without automatic notifications, you’re in the right place! Let’s dive in. 🪂

Within this guide, we’ll be covering:

How Wait List Notifications work

Alright, now that we’re all set up, let’s talk about how you can use Wait List Notifications to make your day a whole lot easier!

As mentioned in the Set Up guide, when an appointment is cancelled (administratively or by a client on your Online Booking site), deleted, no-showed or moved, Jane will scan your Wait List and hold that spot for any eligible clients.

💡For clients to be eligible, their appointment request must fit within the cancelled, deleted, no-showed, or moved appointment time.

The spot is held by a black appointment block that we call the Wait List cue that pops up in place of the new opening.

  • These Wait List cues on the Schedule are a good visual for anyone to know a cancellation has occurred. For some more helpful ways to be alerted to cancellations, check out our FAQ!

When you click on the Wait List cue, the Wait List Notification panel will slide out and you’ll be able to:

1: ⏲️ Check the countdown! It starts as soon as an appointment is cancelled, deleted, no-showed, or moved and will show:

  • How long the spot will be held before it’s automatically released (see below)
  • If you choose to click Send Notification(s) Now, the countdown will change to your chosen Exclusive Access period

2: 🚀 Click Send Notification(s) Now to let all those clients know there’s an opening available.

  • This will send a notification to all the clients listed on the panel at the same time.

3: 🕊️ Release the spot so anyone can book into it.

  • The Wait List cue will go away and anyone, either on the admin side or through Online Booking (depending on your Online Booking Settings), will be able to claim that spot

4: 👀 See which of your Wait List client’s fit into that spot based on their appointment preferences and availability.

  • Jane will also show you their contact info and give you the option to hop directly into their profile to see more about them (including their last appointment or any notes on their profile!)
  • When you click Expand, Jane will show you the details of their Wait List Request

5: 📅 Book in a specific Wait List client by clicking Book Appointment under their name.

  • When clicked, Jane will swap the Wait List cue for this client’s appointment!
  • If the appointment you book is shorter than the original appointment, and there are more clients on the Wait List with requests that will fit into the remaining time, Jane will create a new Wait List cue.

When the spot is released, either by you or automatically when the countdown ends, anyone can book into that spot as they normally would (administratively or through the Online Booking site).

Choosing your Exclusive Access period

The Exclusive Access time you choose does a couple of things when you’re not using automatic notifications:

  • This will be added to the built-in admin buffer time that Jane gives you to manage your Wait List before the spot is automatically released to be booked by the general public.
  • If you click Send Notification(s) Now, Jane will reset the countdown to the Exclusive Access time, during which, Wait List clients have exclusive access to a spot before it’s released for anyone to book into.

Admin Buffer Time:

  • If the appointment starts in less than 24 hours, Jane has 15 minutes of admin buffer time built in.
  • If the appointment starts in more than 24 hours, Jane has 2 hours of admin buffer time built in.

Check out this table to see examples of how timing will work based on the Exclusive Access period you choose:

Sending your clients a notification through Jane

When you click on the Wait List cue on your Schedule, the Wait List Notification panel will slide open. Jane will show you all the clients on your Wait List whose appointment requests and availability fit into that spot. If you’d like to notify them all of the opening, you can click the Send Notification(s) Now button!

To see what notifications will look like for your clients, you can check out our guide Wait List Notifications: Your Client’s Experience.

More questions? Need some troubleshooting help? Want to see how this will look for your clients? Find the answers you need in our Wait List hub!

If you’d like to chat with us about how this feature could work best for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 💙

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