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Wait List Notifications: FAQ, Troubleshooting & Feature Development

If you’re looking for more on Jane’s Wait List features, you can hop on to this page!

💡Heads up — wait list notifications require the Thrive plan.

Below, we’ve answered some common questions and added a few tips for troubleshooting. We also talk a little bit about the future of this feature (and ask for your feedback!). If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.




Plans for the future and your feedback 💙


Pew pew pew! Let’s see if we can work through some common whoopsies:

⭐ My client received a notification but isn’t able to claim the appointment online:

There may be a couple of reasons for this:

#1: Someone else has already claimed the appointment:

  • If this is the case, when they click the link to View Available Openings from their email or SMS message, Jane will let them know that the spot is no longer available and give them the option to look or other appointment times:

#2: Your Online Booking settings are preventing them from claiming the appointment online:

If your clients are getting a message asking them to Contact to Book, this is likely due to your Online Booking settings. There are a few different places to check on this:

  • Settings > Online Booking - you can double-check that Online Booking is enabled, that the Practitioner and specific Treatment are checked off, and check if same day bookings or bookings made within the ‘Do Not Allow within’ time are set as ‘Contact to Book’

  • Schedule > Shift - you can check if the Shift itself is set as ‘Contact to Book’

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⭐ My client isn’t receiving notifications:

This could be a couple of things: your client’s Wait List Notification preferences in their Client Profile or the ‘Do not allow within…’ window set in your Online Booking Settings.

For this one, we suggest starting your sleuthing in the Client/Patient tab and scrolling through their Profile until you find the Reminders/Notifications section. You can check to see which of the Wait List Notification options are checked off and edit them by clicking on the little pencil icon.

If you add a client to the Wait List, Jane will only select Email notifications by default. If your client adds themselves to the Wait List, they will select their preferred notifications at that time. You can update their preferences for them in their Profile or they can update them from their My Account.

If none of your clients are receiving notifications (or a specific type of notification), you can head into your Settings > Reminders & Notifications to check if you have Email and/or SMS Notifications enabled.

If that doesn’t solve the mystery, check your Online Booking Settings!

Jane won’t automatically send notifications within your “Do not allow within…” window. The Wait List cue will still appear, though, and you can choose to click Send Notifications Now if you’d like.

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⭐ I’m getting a warning that my clinic settings don’t match my client’s notification preferences:

If you see this warning on the Wait List Notification panel, Jane is letting you know that your Jane account Reminder & Notification Settings aren’t matching up with how someone has requested to be notified.

For example, this could happen if you choose to disable SMS Notifications (Settings > Reminders & Notifications) and one of your clients had only selected SMS Notifications. If you do disable Email or SMS Notifications, Jane will hide this option from clients when they go to make new Wait List requests.

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⭐ The Wait List cue didn’t pop up when an appointment was cancelled

The most common reason for a Wait List cue (the black appointment block that pops up on the Schedule) not appearing is that the cancelled, deleted, no-showed, or moved appointment time falls within your clinic’s Online Booking “Do not allow booking within…” time and you don’t have the ‘Show openings as contact to book’ box selected.

If you would like Wait List Notifications to be activated within this period, you can select ‘Show opening as contact to book’ and Jane will pop the Wait List cue onto the schedule for you. If you have automatic notifications turned on, Jane won’t send auto-notification within this timeframe, but you can manually click Send Notifications Now for eligible Wait List clients from the Wait List Notification panel if you’d like! Clients will be prompted to contact the clinic to book into this spot.

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⭐ Why wasn’t a waitlist notification sent out for my class or group appointment?

At the moment, Jane will not send out notifications to patients on the waitlist for a group or class appointment. We’d love to hear your feedback on why this would be a helpful feature to have so make sure to upvote and add your thoughts to this Feature Request💙

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Is that a burning question we smell?

⭐ Will Jane notify me when a client cancels through Online Booking?

As a practitioner, you can head into your Staff Profile Settings and enable Notifications for cancelled appointments.

If you are an Admin in Jane, we don’t have a way to notify you of all cancelled appointments for all practitioners, but with Wait List Notifications, all cancelled appointments will be replaced with a Wait List cue (a black appointment block that says ‘Wait List’). These make it easy to flip through your Schedule and see any recently cancelled appointments! If you’re not using automatic notifications, you can set your Exclusive Access period to a longer time frame to give yourself lots of time to see cancellations and fill them as you see fit.

If you would like an email notification for all cancelled appointments, what we often suggest is having your practitioners set up a filter for cancellation emails and forward them to your central admin email.

To do this in Gmail: have your practitioners head into their Account Settings (using the gear icon in the top right corner) > See all Settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses > Create a New Filter. They can set the Subject as Booking Changes. When they click Create filter, they’ll see the option to Add forwarding addresses and select Forward it. Now, you’ll receive a notification of all cancelled appointments!

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⭐ Can I prioritize my Wait List Notifications?

At present, Jane doesn’t have a prioritization feature within the Wait List. This is something we’d love to build in the future, and we would love your ideas and feedback to help us do that. 💙 

In the meantime, our suggestion for using Wait List Notifications with a bit more priority in mind would be to keep automatic notifications turned off. This way, you still have the benefit of the Wait List cue on your Schedule, Jane will pull all the clients whose availability and preferences fit within a cancellation, and you can book a client straight in (or even send them notifications!) right from the Wait List Notification panel.

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⭐ Can I customize Wait List Notification for each Staff Member?

Right now, the Settings for Wait Lists are clinic-wide in Jane. Since Wait List Notifications will take Online Booking Settings into account, individual Staff may be able to ‘opt-out’ by adjusting their Staff, Treatment, or Shift Online Booking Settings to not allow Online Booking or to be ‘Contact to Book’, but they should be mindful of how this will affect their Online Booking as a whole.

If you’d like to see individualized Staff settings for Wait List Notifications, we’d love to hear more about what you’re looking for! Feel free to add or vote on a Feature Request.

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⭐ How can I change my client’s Wait List Notification preferences (Email and/or SMS)?

Great question! You can adjust their preferences in their Client Profile. Scroll down to find where all their Reminder and Notification preferences are and you’ll see Wait List Notifications there as well. Just click the blue pencil icon to edit!

Clients can also do this themselves in their My Account.

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⭐ When I click Book Appointment, or when I send a notification for my client to Book Online, they’re being offered different times than the original appointment… why?

There could be a couple of reasons for this! Jane is really trying to help you fill up your Schedule, so clients will be offered any open spots on a Shift that could accommodate the client’s request.

Another reason might be that the cancelled, deleted, no-showed, or moved appointment was longer than the Wait List client’s requested appointment, so there are multiple options for start times within that appointment opening.

Finally, Jane wants to respect each practitioner’s Staff Settings. If a practitioner is set up with Staggering or Sequential Online Booking preferences, Jane will take those into account when offering appointment times!

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⭐ There’s a gap in my Schedule after a cancellation. Why isn’t Jane including that for clients who want longer appointments?

At present, Jane only takes the length of the cancelled, deleted, no-showed, or moved appointment into account when pulling clients from the Wait List. If this isn’t quite working for you, we’d love to hear about it! Feel free to add or vote on a Feature Request, or reach out to us directly.

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⭐ Can I customize or edit the language in the SMS or Email notification that goes out?

No, at the moment we don’t have a way for you to customize the message that your clients will receive either by email or text message. If this isn’t quite working for you, we’d love to hear about it! Feel free to add or vote on a Feature Request, or reach out to us directly.

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⭐ Can I enable Wait List Notifications for specific patients or types of appointments? (Ex. Not allow new patients to receive a Wait List Notification?)

Not right now, but if that’s something you’d like to see in the future, we’d love to hear about it!

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⭐ Can I still use this feature if I don’t use Online Booking?

Yep! Your clients won’t be able to claim an appointment online or receive Automatic Notifications, but the Wait List cues will appear with all the fun options that come along with them.

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Plans for the future and your feedback 💙

We’re so excited about this first step in making Wait List management in Jane so darn easy. We want to keep growing this feature to make it the most helpful it can be for you. If you find that this first version of Wait List Notifications doesn’t quite do everything you’d like it to, we’d love to hear about it!

Here are a couple of Feature Requests we think many of you might have. We’d love it if you’d add your feedback there so we can use it as we think about how to continue building on this feature:

Click here 👉 I want to be able to organize the Wait List by priority.

Things we’d love to hear:

  • What do you base your prioritization on? (ex. last appointment date, length of relationship with a client, client requiring treatment sooner)
  • How do you envision setting this priority in Jane? (ex. assign a priority level within the Wait List, physically rearrange the Wait List, have Jane automatically sort clients based on certain factors, set priority within a client profile)

Click here 👉 I want Jane to automatically notify my Wait List clients of new openings based on their priority.

Things we’d love to hear:

  • How long would you want Jane to wait before sending out a notification to the next person on the list?
  • Would you want multiple ‘high’ or ‘medium’ priority clients notified at once? Or only one client notified at a time?

Click here 👉 I’d like to make a new Feature Request.

  • Is there something else you think would make a helpful addition to this feature? We’d love to hear about it!
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