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Customized Chart Requirements

So, you were the chosen one this year.

No, not the by the Jedi Counsel, rather the all being College and Board of Regulations. And one of the requirements is specifically around your charts layout.

Do you have the patient name on each page? Is their phone number listed? Have you listed their third cousin twice removed on their mother’s side newborn baby? Well that last one might be a bit much though I think I made the point, there are often a few unique requirements.

Well now you can select which information is displayed on the bottom of the chart’s footer. This will be displayed on every page.

To do this just follow me over to Settings > Language and click on Customize Foot for PDF Chart Exports

Here you can customer the language and use the options in with special formatting to add individual variables to the list. Keep in mind this area is small and Jane will only allow for two lines of text at the bottom of the chart.

Once you have added the field you’d like, feel free to print and export a chart as it will contain the newly added information in the footer!

While we cannot guarantee you’ll pass with flying colours, hopefully this will earn you a few extra points.

Note: We recommend checking with your College for their specific requirements prior to exporting your information

More Details

%{location_clinic_address} is the entire address while %{location_street_address} is simply the street.

%{practitioner_name} is the name of the practitioner on the first chart entry, while %{chart_authors} will list everyone who has created a chart for this patient.

And for our International friends, postal code is equivalent to your zip code, our provinces are your states, and a toque is of course a beanie.

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