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Sending Individual Surveys to Patients

📌 If you are looking to create a form for your patients to complete on their initial appointment check out our intake forms found here.

We know that tracking patient progress improves the quality of treatment over time. It allows staff to adapt your treatment plan and monitor the effectiveness of your treatment. And it’s even better when you can collect those insights from your patient anytime you’d like. Jane’s newest update allows patient’s to provide that information outside of the appointment time.

Surveys have previously allowed you to send emails to all patients. They have a new upgrade to allow you to send surveys to individual patients as needed.

On the patient profile, staff can set up a program for an individual patient on an recurring basis or for a number of appointments.

Staff can select from the list of Surveys they have enabled on their Staff Template page. The survey-sending methods will be pre-populated with the options pre-selected in the Surveys Settings (Settings > Forms > Surveys). However, you can update these surveys depending on yours or your client’s needs

Once a survey has been set up, staff can end, adjust, complete, or send reminders from the action button on the right side of the patient profile.

Additionally, you can view the status of all surveys for a specific client by clicking View History. This will display when the initial survey was sent or completed, along with subsequent entries and surveys which are in progress. In progress, simply refers to a survey that was sent to the client.

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