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Smart Preview (Beta)

Welcome to our Smart Preview Beta guide! We’re excited to show you how Smart Preview can help you customize and edit your chart preview text.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the quality of the AI-generated summaries and your overall experience interacting with the Smart Preview feature.

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How to Use Smart Preview

When you sign and lock a chart, a window will open where you can view and edit the chart’s preview text.

By default, the Smart Preview toggle is flipped on for the beta users and a smart summary of your chart will be generated by HIPAA-compliant AI. This AI-generated summary is more natural sounding and easy to read when compared to the non-AI-generated summary. It’s intended to help you understand the patient’s medical history and get up to speed on their past visits without opening each chart one by one. You have the flexibility to edit this summary as needed before signing your chart.

You can also click the Smart Preview toggle to turn it off and just edit the non-AI-generated summary instead.

Once you’re happy with the summary, you can sign and lock your chart.

In the example below, the circled chart has the AI-generated Smart Preview text, and the chart above it has the original preview text.

Smart Preview FAQ

Will the Smart Preview only summarize the first part of my chart?

No, the smart preview will summarize the text in your whole chart, so you have lots of flexibility to edit it and choose what text to keep.

How long can the chart summary be?

The summary can be up to 500 characters long.

Can I turn off the AI-generated preview?

Yes, for individual chart entries, you can turn off the AI-generated preview by clicking the Smart Preview toggle below the text box. Even with the AI-generated preview turned off, you can still edit and use the regular preview text.

Can I edit my chart preview after the chart has been signed?

Yes, if you amend your chart entry after signing it, a new preview will be generated which you can edit. If you don’t make any changes to the chart contents themselves, then there will not be a dated amendment on the chart once you’ve edited the preview and signed it.

Can chart previews be exported?

No, chart previews cannot be exported.

Understanding Jane’s Approach to AI

As this is Jane’s first implementation of generative AI, we want to provide clinics with full transparency into our AI principles and what to expect from Smart Preview, and other AI-powered features, in the future.

Jane’s AI Principles and Customer Promise

As we explore the benefits of AI technology to help more helpers, we want to provide you with an understanding of our AI principles.

These principles will ground the decisions we make when using this technology to imagine and create AI-powered solutions for clinics, influence how we introduce and educate clinics on AI-powered clinical features, and will continue to evolve as this technology does.

💡 Just a heads up, Smart Preview [Beta], our first AI-powered feature, is still in the experimental phase. This means that the feature may evolve, change, or we may go back to the drawing board entirely—but is fully secure and compliant to use with real patient or client data.

Jane’s AI Principles and Our Promise to You

Customer agency, control, and visibility

  • We believe you should be in control of your Jane experience. With this in mind, Account Owners must opt-in to any clinical features in Jane powered by generative AI, and can manage their clinic’s access to these updates.

  • Just to be clear, your patient and clinic data? It’s all yours. We won’t be sharing it with other clinics, or using it to train our AI models.

  • Jane features powered by AI will be presented as suggestions, that can be modified, accepted, or rejected.

Customer education and empowerment

  • We want to build and maintain your confidence in your use of generative AI to manage clinical tasks, and so will disclose when clinical features are powered by generative AI.

  • We’ll always ensure you’re clear on which key privacy and security criteria our use of AI meets, like HIPAA and PIPEDA-compliance

AI ethics and patient care

  • Jane will use AI only for practical solutions for practitioners; and will not be misused.

  • We promise to use AI to give Jane clinics a super-power with administrative tasks that complement your existing know-how— and won’t meddle with your clinical care.

  • As best practices in AI evolve, so will how we apply them at Jane to help clinics. We will continue to monitor and adapt to the changing compliance policies around AI and healthcare.

If there’s anything you’re curious about or need help with, just shoot us an email at [email protected]. We’re always here to chat and clear up any questions you might have.

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