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Hiding Unchecked Checkboxes in Signed Charts

Some of the chart templates and intake forms that we create have long lists of checkboxes to fill out. It’s great to capture all of this information, but sometimes reviewing these entries can feel like double-checking a multiple-choice exam that you’ve filled in so meticulously on a Scantron sheet. Who felt a tinge of nostalgia?

We’ve added an option to only display checkboxes that have been selected, to help reduce the amount of information you have to read through. You will be able to update the checkboxes in 3 different areas of Jane: Individual Charts, Chart Templates, and Intake Forms.

Updating Checkboxes in Chart Entries

You will be able to hide unticked checkboxes when working with an individual chart for a patient. As you’re completing your chart entry, you can enable hiding unchecked checkboxes in your signed charts. First, edit the checkboxes by clicking the options on the right-hand side.

When the menu appears, you will be able to edit the component using the pencil icon:

Here you can edit the checkbox options as you need it. The “Hide unchecked checkboxes after signing” option is turned off by default so you can turn it on by clicking the switch.

Don’t forget to click Save once you are done so that you can go back and finish filling out your chart entry.

One thing to note is that you can update these options with new chart entries, but not to previously signed chart entries.

When you’re ready to sign your chart, click “Sign”.

Confirm that you’re ready to sign the chart by clicking “Sign as …”

Ta-da! You’ll see in your signed chart entry that the unchecked checkboxes have now disappeared.

If you’d like to use this regularly, you can make similar changes to checkboxes in your intake forms and chart templates to simplify your workflow.

Updating Checkboxes In your Chart Templates

If you have checkboxes in your chart templates, you can update them to have Jane also hide the unchecked options after you’ve signed the chart entry as a default preference.

Chart templates are a great way to reduce the overall time you spend charting. If you aren’t using them yet, check out our guide on Creating a Chart Template.

Updating Checkboxes In Your Intake Forms

Your intake forms may also take advantage of checkbox components to ask patients various questions (e.g. pre-existing conditions), where you only need to know about the options they’ve selected. The “Hide unchecked checkboxes after signing” option is a great place to keep completed intake forms easy to read.

Note, you’ll need to be a Full Access user to access your clinic’s intake forms in Settings.

First, go to the “Intake Form” area on the left-hand side. There you’ll see a list of your clinic’s intake forms. Click “Edit” on the intake form you’d like to update.

Go to the Questionnaire section to find your list of intake form questions.

There, you can update the checkboxes following similar steps when editing a chart entry. When you’re finished, don’t forget to click “Save Intake Form” to keep your changes.

That’s it! As always, let us know if you need any help!

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