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🎥 On Demand Webinar: Intake Forms

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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Intake Forms!

Hey everyone 👋 we’re super excited to share this one with you. If you were able to make it to the Intake Forms Webinar, we’re so glad you could join us! We wish we could have coffee with you every Saturday morning. If you didn’t make it to the live version, you can grab yourself a cup of joe ☕ and check out the recording right now. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Before we dive in, let’s introduce our hosts

This delightful trio brings learning and laughter as they share their Intake Form wisdom.

Ali is one of Jane’s co-founders and fearless leaders. As a clinic owner herself, she sees firsthand how Intake Forms can help a practitioner’s day run that much smoother.

Kiki is one of the happy voices of our US Customer Support team. She loves helping people harness the power of Intake Forms to run their practice.

Mark is one of our Canadian Support superstars. He wants to help you feel like a total pro when it comes to building and using your Intake Forms.  

We 💙 Intake Forms

Wondering if this Webinar is for you? Maybe you’ve never used Intake Forms in your practice or just really love that tried-and-true paper form. Wherever you’re at, here are some reasons we think that Intake Forms in Jane are so awesome:

  • Save valuable treatment time: gather demographic info and collect a health history before your patient even walks through the door.
  • Make charting even faster: incorporate elements of your Intake Forms directly into your chart notes.
  • Review and gain consent: outline clinic policies and gain consent for treatment in person, via telehealth, or before the appointment begins. Patients can even add digital signatures right there on the form!  

Our favourite thing about Webinars is getting to hear from you!

Here is what attendees were asking about Intake Forms:

Q: Can we import our existing intake forms into Jane? We like our forms and don’t want to have to re-create them.

A: Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Let’s rip the bandaid off. You aren’t able to upload your existing forms as Intake Forms in Jane. The good news is that once you’ve taken the time to re-create your Intake Forms, Jane will be able to use that information to build your patients’ profiles and add questionnaires directly into their charts! That wouldn’t be possible if a form was uploaded.

Q: I’m not the owner of the Jane account I use. In my Settings tab, I don’t see the Intake Form section. Does this mean that I can’t create my personalized intake forms?

A: Only Full Access users— generally the account owner— can create Intake Forms in Jane. This is to help protect patient privacy by ensuring oversight on the type of information your patients are being asked to provide. Staff without Full Access can build their own Intake Questionnaires in the Chart Templates section of their Staff Profile, which the account owner can then add to an Intake Form for you.

Q: I have a general Intake Form that I am changing to be specific to each provider. Do I have to re-create each one separately? Or can I create copies and edit them?

A: Great idea! You’ll see 4 buttons attached to each Intake Form on the main screen. You can use the Duplicate button to open up a copy of that Intake Form and then Edit it to suit your needs.

Q: My patients are children, so I need a separate section for parental signatures. It would also be helpful if I could have both parent and child fill out the same form. How can I do this?

A: There are a few steps involved in making this work. Our lovely Support staff would be more than happy to walk you through this in an email or phone call. Jane Support’s contact info can be found at the bottom of this page.

Q: Once my patient has filled out their Intake Form, I can only see that information on the main page of their patient profile. Why doesn’t it go into their chart?

A: There are 3 places information provided on an Intake Form goes: (1) as you mentioned, the entire form can be viewed from the Patient Profile, (2) patient demographic information will populate the Patient Profile as well, and (3) the Questionnaire section of the Intake Form will become a chart entry.

Q: I would love to get a notification telling me if my patients have filled out their Intake Forms or not. Is this possible?

A: We’re hearing this more often and we agree that it would be a great addition. We haven’t had a chance to build this function yet, but it is on our feature request page and we encourage you to add your voice to that request!  

In case we missed it…

If you’re left scratching your head over something Intake Form-related, we think these resources might be helpful:

Want to chat about Intake Forms?

Check out the jane.app Community Forum to see how other Jane users are putting their Intake Forms to work. Or, give us a shout! We love hearing from you. If you’re not part of the Jane community yet, you can book a 1-on-1 demo with one of our lovely Support staff or get in touch using the contact info below.  

Let’s keep the good times rolling…

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Extra, extra, read all about it! If reading works better for you, you can check out the transcript from Jane’s Intake Forms Webinar right here.

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