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What's New in Jane - April 2015

April 07, 2015

Online Booking Enhancements

We’ve made a few nice workflow changes to the online booking system that will help prevent some common mistakes and speed up the online booking process for your patients.

Immediately Confirmed

To prevent patients from accidentally leaving their appointments unconfirmed, Jane now prompts patients to confirm their booking when they select an available time. This will reduce unconfirmed bookings.

Book Again

When a patient returns to your online booking site, they will see a message at the top of the page that displays their last booked treatment with a link to see availability for the same treatment. So, for patients that are often booking the same type of treatment, they can get right to the practitioners availability in one click.

Next Available Date

Whenever a patient is looking at an online booking calendar, Jane now automatically jumps ahead to the first date that has availability. Patients no longer have to click through weeks of fully booked schedules. And we display a Heads Up! message, so patients notice that they’re looking at a date in the future.

Each practitioner’s next available time is now displayed with their profile in the online booking discipline pages.

No Show Fees

Billing for no-shows is more flexible now, allowing you to choose how you want to charge for a missed appointment or late-cancellation. We’ve provided a few default options for you (full price, 50%, $0), and you can customize these in the Fees section of the Company Preferences.

New Charting Features

Jane Chart Template Library

The new Chart Library is our first feature that brings some collaboration with the thousands of other practitioners using Jane in the broader Jane community. We’ve added a chart template library where you can browse Chart Templates that were shared by other practitioners that use Jane. Just click the Template Library button in your Chart Templates tab to browse the library.

And if you’ve created a template that you think other practitioners could benefit from, click the Share in Jane’s Template Librarty button, to share your work. You can do so anonymously, or credit yourself for your excellent work. And we display how many people have used your template, so who knows, your template might be the most popular.

Pain Scale & Dropdowns

We’ve added a couple more tools for you to use in your chart templates. The Range / Scale gives you a horizontal slider, which you can label however you like. Perhaps a 0 - 10 pain scale, or a Unlikely to Very Likely subjective scale.

And for questions that have a single answer, you can now add Drop Downs to your chart templates. List the selections one per line, and they will appear in a drop down menu in your charts.

Write Offs & Underpaid Invoices

Hopefully you won’t need to use this much, but you can now choose to write off the balance of an invoice.

Note: Write-offs should only be used for invoices that you are confident you will not be able to collect on. It’s not intended for fixing an incorrectly billed visit.

To write off the balance of an invoice, view the invoice and select Write Off… from the dropdown menu in the bottom right.

If an insurer chooses to underpay an invoice, they will now be listed in the Partially Paid section of the Claim Submissions area. From here you can choose how you want to handle this partial payment. You can:

  1. Write off the remaining amount
  2. Teleplan Invoices: Create a debit request, to return the money to the Insurer, so you can re-bill the visit a different way.
  3. If you have dealt with the discrepancy offline and the remaining amount has been paid, you can Receive Payment to record the remaining amount.

Little Things

  • You can choose whether to display each of your locations on your online booking pages. Head to the Locations section of the Company Preferences, select a location, and check or uncheck the Display in Online Booking checkbox.
  • When you are adding a new patient or staff member, you can now click Save & Send Welcome Email to do both those things in one step. This will send a welcome email that contains a link for the recipient to set up a username and password to access Jane.
  • The Accounts Receivable report can now be run as of a date in the past. So, if you want to see what your AR was on your last fiscal year end, you can!

Getting Help

You may have noticed the Help link in the lower left corner of Jane. From there you can search the Jane guide which is packed full of helpful info. You can also ask the Jane team a question and we will get back to you via email ASAP.

Thanks for using Jane!

Trevor, Alison & the Jane Team

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