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New in Jane - Tasks & Income Categories

November 23, 2016

Hello Everyone,

We have a couple of new features to formally introduce, and we would like to let you know about a number of small improvements that have been released recently.

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Jane’s notes system has a new feature called Tasks. Anywhere you can create a note in Jane, you can now turn that note into a task, give it a due date, and assign it to yourself or one of your colleagues. It’s a simple to-do list, right in Jane.

Learn more about Tasks

For those of you using Jane’s billing features, we have introduced a new concept called Income Categories. These allow you to categorize the various products and services you offer into as many categories as you like. This does two big things for you:

1) Your financial reports will be broken down into these categories

2) Staff compensation rates can be set differently for each category

Learn more about Income Categories

And some other little changes:

Intake Forms

If you would like your customers to complete a new intake form every year, you can now set how long an intake form will be valid for. Jane will prompt your customer to complete the form again after the time frame has passed.

Chart Templates

Add Instructions to your chart by choosing the Instruction option in the chart template builder. Instructions appear in gray italic text, and will not be printed or exported. Useful for instructing your practitioners or students about how to complete a section of the chart, or to remind yourself of information you want to collect.

Wait Lists

You can now add a wait list request for any staff member in a discipline. And when you book someone in from the wait list, you will be asked if you would like to remove the request or leave it on the list. The wait list also now displays the date and time the request was added.

Roles & Permissions

There is a new role called **Practitioner (All Locations) **that allows practitioners to view and book appointments for other staff at locations they themselves do not belong to.

Hours Scheduled / Booked Report

This report shows you how many hours each staff member was scheduled to work and how many hours they were booked for.

Phone Reminder List

The phone reminder list now displays starred notes, the location of the appointment, and has a handy link to the patient’s profile.

As always, thanks for being such lovely customers. Let us know your thoughts.

The Jane Team

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