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Chart And Intake Templates For Any Discipline

March 14, 2023

Jumpstart Your Practice With Jane’s Template Library

Jane’s Template Library allows you to start practicing straight away with ready-made notes, forms, intakes, and consents.

It can be difficult to decide what to include in your paperwork, especially if you are opening your own clinic. Jane’s Template library contains thousands of discipline-specific templates that have been created and shared by real clinics and providers from around the world. These working templates mean you can have an entire clinic’s worth of documentation ready to use in just a few clicks.

We thought we’d save you even more time and put together a list of the most enabled templates by discipline.

Chiropractic Templates
Mental Health Templates
Physiotherapist Templates
Acupuncture Templates
Massage Templates
Speech Therapy Templates

To start enabling templates in your Jane account, check out our guide on the chart template library here.

Jane’s Templates can be a great starting point too! Using Jane’s chart parts, you can build, edit, and refine existing templates to make them truly your own.

Chiropractic Templates

  • Well Adjusted SOAP created by Dr. Jess Rasmussen
  • Full case history and exam by Anna Hindley
  • Low Back Pain and Disability Questionnaire (Revised Oswestry) by Christine Bird
  • Adult Intake by Dr. Julia Culbertson
  • Pediatric Intake by Dr. Julia Culbertson

Mental Health Templates

  • Clinical Interview by Linda Kelly
  • Suicide Risk Assessment by Elana Angus
  • Release of Information by Emily Bushell
  • Counselling Intake & Consent Form by Spencer E

Physiotherapist Templates

  • Initial Assessment by Gilbert Park
  • LEFS (Lower Extremity Functional Scale) by Danielle Doucette
  • Neck Disability Index by Danielle Doucette
  • Shoulder Initial Assessment by Melanie Sutherland
  • Subsequent Treatment by Michael White

Acupuncture Templates

  • Acupuncture Comprehensive Intake Form by Cary Rendek
  • Initial Treatment by Dallas Nye
  • ACU Chart Note by Lisa Bara Storey
  • New Patient Health History by Dr. Joan Boccino

Massage Templates

  • Post Treatment Details by Chrystal Ladouceur
  • Health History Intake
  • Consent Form for Assessment of Sensitive Areas
  • Basic Intake Interview by Chrystal Ladouceur
  • Massage Therapy Health History Form by Jayne Cummings
  • RMT Treatment and Assessment by K Rell

Speech Therapy Templates

  • Therapy Progress Note (SOAP) by Vivian Yau
  • Speech-Language Assessment by Vivian Yau
  • Pediatric SLP Intake Form by Mrs. Erin Macaluso
  • Case History Form by John Moon
  • Progress Report by Lizette Virissimo

Have you got a favourite template that you like to use?

We’d love for you to add it to Jane’s Template library shelves too! Find the button at the bottom of your template to Share it with the Jane community.

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