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New Tomorrow - Insurance Billing Workflows

September 15, 2020

We’re happy to share that Jane’s new insurance billing workflows are going live tonight. Queue fireworks! 🎉🍾 This means your workflows are going to be different starting tomorrow.

To help make this transition fluid, we recently let you know about these changes in our pre-release blog post. To sum up, we hope these changes smooth out some of the rough spots in Jane’s management of insurance billing. So yes, we’ll be rolling out these new workflows in Jane tonight, and they will likely alter your workflows tomorrow.

To make sure you’re prepared, we recommend having a look through the Guides we created on this topic:

Additionally, the team has done some great work inside Jane to make this transition super easy. Essentially, Jane’s got you covered.

A few of the new insurance workflow highlights:

  • Coinsurance has been transitioned from a dollar amount to a percentage 🚀
  • You can now record Default Insurer Allowed Amounts for your billing codes 🥂
  • You can set up your billing codes with Default Modifiers 🎊
  • Explanation of Benefits screen has received a significant makeover 👏🏻

These workflow refreshments set the stage for some exciting insurance pieces that we are planning to weave into Jane in the future, features like ERA Processing and Secondary Claim Submission Support.

Thank you for your incredible support and feedback as we work to make Jane more helpful to you and your insurance billing practice. If you have further comments or questions, we always love hearing from you at [email protected] or https://www.facebook.com/groups/janerunsclinics

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