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Jane's August Newsletter

August 31, 2021

Hello Jane Community,

Hope you’re having a great summer. The team has been hard at work, and we have some great new features to let you know about. We hope you find them super helpful.

Shoot us an email and let us know what you think!

Collecting insurance information just got easier.

Jane now has a new way of collecting insurance card photos in Intake Forms. 🤩

Insurance information provided by your clients in an intake form will become an “Awaiting Review” insurance policy that your clinic staff can review and approve before adding to a visit. You’ll be able to select which of your existing insurers clients can add policies for.

We’re so happy about this because it means a more streamlined insurance process for you and your clients. It’s a win-win, and we’re a huge fan of those. As well, thank you to the clinics who gave us feedback and help during the beta phase.

Curious to know more? Read our guide on how to get started.

Improve your client experience with Pronouns.

Don’t miss our Onboarding Coordinator Kiki sharing on Building an Inclusive Workplace and the announcement of Pronouns in Jane.👇

We want your clients to have a great experience when they visit you. So, in order to help you build a safe and inclusive space, we’ve added the option to include Pronouns in Jane. 💙

What this looks like:

  • Pronoun information can be enabled and collected in your client intake forms and is displayed administratively within your clients’ profile, charts, and the appointment panel.
  • Staff pronouns are displayed on your clinic’s online booking site.

Read more about getting started with Pronouns here.

We’ve improved the client experience for Ratings and Reviews.

We’ve received your feedback about our Ratings and Reviews workflow and what that means for your clients. In 15 words or less: you want an easier way for your clients to leave a Google review directly.

We’re happy to announce we’re rolling out a series of improvements in this area so there’s a more obvious pathway for your clients to do just that.

One of the first updates is now live: if you choose to use the Google Reviews feature, Jane will now prompt clients to leave a Google review immediately after they select a star rating, meaning fewer steps and a more intuitive workflow. Within the Language tab in your Settings, you’ll also have the option to customize your text to leave a personalized note before your clients proceed to Google.

Interested to see what this looks like? Read through our guide.

Allied 2021: Jane Summer School Recap

Just a few days ago we wrapped Allied 2021, our 2nd Virtual Community Conference. We had almost 17000 registrants and truly, we’re thankful for each of you who participated and shared meaningful experiences and insight with us. Our brains and hearts are full. 💙

Are there sessions you loved? Sessions you think could be improved?

If you have any feedback you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear it. The learning never stops over here and we’re keen to know how we can grow. 🤓

Looking for the recorded sessions?

We have all of the Allied 2021 recorded sessions live on our guide for your watching pleasure. Grab a colleague (or two) and book some time to watch a session you missed or re-watch one that you loved.

Honourable Mentions

  • We made a small tweak to the way payment methods are displayed on Statements. Statements will now show the public display name for a payment method, rather than an internal-only name.
  • In the above Client Insurance Upload feature release, we’ve made it so you can add a customizable intro to your intake form. Meaning, you can add special details or instructions for your clients about insurance billing for your practice.
  • A few of you let us know your double-booked appointments were displaying vertically rather than horizontally - that’s all been cleaned up.
  • We’ve improved how sex and gender are displayed on client profiles to differentiate the two when only one is entered.
  • Some of you let us know that there’s been a hiccup or two with waitlists, including the waitlist not appearing when weekends are toggled off or on in the day view. These issues have been fixed.
  • We often get asked for advice on where to go for websites. If you are looking to update or refresh your website you may find Clinic Sites a helpful addition to your practice. Clinic Sites synchronizes with your Jane account and pulls over your publicly available information. This auto-populates pages for your website so that everything remains consistent as you manage and grow your practice. Learn more at the Clinic Sites website.

Thanks so much for reading. We love sending out these updates and even more than that, we love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to reply to this email.

You can also join the Jane Community Facebook Forum where you’ll find practitioners just like yourself asking questions and sharing their experiences with Jane.

Ali and Trevor, on behalf of the Jane team 💙

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