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Ratings & Reviews FAQs

This guide is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions around Jane’s Ratings & Reviews feature. Have a read through these, and stay tuned for some links at the bottom of this Guide to some additional resources to help you get set up and on your way with Ratings and Reviews.

Access and Permissions

Arriving Appointments

Settings for Multi-Practitioner Clinics

Receiving Surveys and Opting-Out

Google Reviews



What access level is required to enable Ratings and Reviews?

You’ll need to be the Clinic Owner or have Full Access to enable Ratings & Reviews within Settings.


Do all staff members have permission to see practitioners’ internal ratings and reviews?

Only Full Access & Administrative/All Billing have access to see each staff member’s ratings and reviews at the clinic. Here’s a nifty little table we put together to display the Role and Access:



Yikes, I just unarrived - then rearrived the same appointment for a patient. Will they get two surveys?

Jane will not send out a second rating email if one has already gone out. In other words, you will not be able to manually generate a new survey by un-arriving then re-arriving an appointment in Jane.


If I arrive an appointment early, will Jane send the survey to the client earlier too?

You can arrive an appointment anytime before the appointment start time and Jane will still wait for 3-hours after the appointment end time to send the survey.


What if I arrive then unarrive a past appointment? Is this any different?

Nope! If Jane already sent the Rating email once in the past for the appointment, Jane will not send it again.


If “request feedback after 5 visits” is selected, and if the patient sees multiple practitioners at the clinic, does Jane know the difference between visit #5 with Practitioner A vs. Practitioner B?

Absolutely! Jane counts visits with the selected practitioner and the specific treatment. So the number of visits for patient Z with Practitioner A and Practitioner B could be different, and the survey will send out according to this set-up.


If “Request Visit after First Visit” is selected, does Jane know that it is a unique first appointment with Practitioner A vs. Practitioner B?

You got it! Jane knows to look at the first treatment with the specific Practitioner and that specific treatment type. So, a client could receive two surveys linked to each first visits with Practitioner A, and Practitioner B. This allows each practitioner to know how the patient rated their first experience with them.


Will my account be opted-out of Ratings and Reviews by default?

Yes - when Jane made ratings and reviews available to all clinics, clinics will have the feature disabled by default. You will need to actively enable it via Settings > Ratings & Reviews. One thing to mention is that all existing patients will be opted-in to the Ratings & Review email – however, the email will not send unless the feature has been enabled.


Does the clinic have the option to opt-out a specific patient from receiving Ratings & Reviews from the clinic?

Yes! By default, when creating a new patient, the new patient will be opted-in from receiving Ratings & Reviews emails. This can be turned off administratively by clicking Edit/Settings within the patient’s profile, and unchecking this box we see below:


Do individual clients have the option to opt-out of receiving Ratings & Reviews emails? Or is the only option “DO NOT EMAIL” - clinic action.

Individual clients can opt-out of receiving these emails. In their My Account, they have an option to “provide my feedback on my experience”, under their Reminder Preferences which they can opt-in or out of.


I’m a guardian/parent of a minor and I’d like to provide feedback to the clinic for my child’s appointment. Will I receive this email?

If the guardian/parent is set-up to receive the minor’s emails & notifications via Jane’s Family Relationship feature, they will also receive the Rating email.

Ratings & Reviews Google (external)


Hi, I’m a practitioner at a multi-disciplinary clinic. I’m not allowed to use Google Reviews as per my Regulatory Body’s Standards of Practice, but others in my clinic are allowed to. What does this mean for our clinic’s Ratings & Reviews settings?

Google reviews is a clinic-wide rule. With this in mind, we’ve put together one scenario and two possible setting options for clinics who may fall under this category.

Scenario: I am a multi-disciplinary clinic with 1 Discipline that is allowed to collect external Google Reviews, and 1 Discipline that is not approved to.

Settings Option 1: Internal Feedback Enabled ✅ for all practitioners; External Google Reviews Disabled for all practitioners 🚫

Settings Option 2: Internal Feedback Enabled for only those practitioners who also are approved for Google Reviews ✅; External Google Reviews Enabled ✅


I have Google Reviews enabled for my clinic. Will Jane automatically help me post my reviews to Google as well?

We wish we could but Google doesn’t allow any software to post reviews automatically. Google wants users to post their own reviews with their own Google accounts to prevent companies from creating less-than-credible ratings and reviews. They also want to make sure it’s really you. Imagine if you as a patient found out a practitioner posted a review in your name!

We make it easy for patients to leave a review on Google. Once they complete their star rating, they can simply click to”Open Google Review”. This will open your Google Review page for them, all setup ready for their review. To see how that looks, read more about it in the guide here.


I’m using Google Reviews. If a client’s feedback is posted to Google as well, will the clinic or staff member be notified?

You’ll be able to see when a patient has clicked the “Rate Your Experience” survey from the patient Messages tab, however, we don’t know if they’ve actually left a review in Google.

Looking at Google will always be the best option albeit you won’t be able to see if the patient came directly from Jane. This is a development we may look into in the future based on clinic feedback.


Can I customize my text so that my patient can read my personalized note before proceeding to post on Google?

Yes, you now have two customization options! 1. For ratings between 1-3, and 2. For ratings between 4-5.

You can find the customization under Settings > Ratings & Reviews or via Settings > Language

Here’s the location of this customized text:


If I have Google Reviews enabled, does my client get prompted to leave a review for any star rating from 1-5?

Yes, Google now requires that any star rating (between 1-5) prompts a Google Review, so we have now gone ahead and implemented this change in Jane. It’s a change that Google made to increase the authenticity and trust of Google Reviews (which is a good thing for all of us consumers!). If Google thinks that we are only sending over positive reviews from Jane, then Google can pull those reviews off of your business listing and block Jane as a referrer of reviews.


Does my regulatory body allow me to publicly market patient testimonials online?

Jane is working hard on creating a region-specific list with some easy to digest information based on different regulatory bodys’ marketing standards. We are not lawyers nor are we equipped to interpret licensing regulations and bylaws. You should confirm with your regulating body that our summary of the regulations linked below are accurate.

We’ll be starting with Canada (BC, AB, ON). However, we do want to emphasize that if there is any uncertainty, please do get in touch with your regulatory body directly to get a more definite answer. And as always, we’d love to hear from you to see what resolution was reached so that we can update this guide document accordingly.


British Columbia

Discipline Can I use Google Reviews? Standards of Practice
Naturopathic Doctors No
Registered Massage Therapist Possibly Link
Chiropractor Yes
Physiotherapist Possibly Link
Acupuncture Possibly. Please refer to pages 48-50 of the bylaws, which indicate practitioners need to watch the content of the reviews closely. Link
Counsellor Unlikely, due to association requirements. Please check with your registration body. Link
Psychologist No Link
Social Workers No Link


Discipline Can I use Google Reviews? Standards of Practice
Naturopathic Doctors Possibly. Within the Standards of Practice, there is no reference to prompting patients for testimonials.
Registered Massage Therapist Yes Link
Chiropractor Yes
Physiotherapist Possibly. The Standards of Practice indicates that practitioners need to watch the content of the reviews closely to ensure they are represented accurately online. Link
Acupuncture Possibly. Within the Standards of Practice, there is no reference to prompting patients for testimonials. Link
Counsellor No Link
Psychologist No Link


Discipline Can I use Google Reviews? Standards of Practice
Naturopathic Doctors No
Registered Massage Therapist No
Chiropractor No Link
Physiotherapist Yes Link
Acupuncture No Link
Counsellor No Link
Psychologist No

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