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Review your Ratings Report (for Clinic Owners & Practitioners)

So you’ve got your fancy new Ratings & Reviews email all set up, and feedback results from your clients are beginning to roll in! 🌊

Here’s how you can review your ratings:

Finding the Ratings & Reviews Report

First head to Reports > Ratings & Reviews.

Inside the report, you’ll see 3 sections that help paint a picture of your clinic’s performance and your practitioners’ performance. This includes:

  • High-level metrics
  • A breakdown by staff member
  • Complete list of received feedback

High-Level Metrics

This area gives you a high-level view of all ratings received from your patients. It lets you see how your clinic is performing with results from all practitioners.

Full Access users will be shown metrics based on all the ratings received by the clinic. Practitioners will be shown metrics based on their own rating responses.

You’ll see your average rating score, which is calculated based on the total number of reviews received over the lifetime of your clinic. We also show you how the rating scores are distributed. You can quickly see the percentages for each rating score simply by hovering over the graph. 5-star ratings are green while 1-star ratings are deep red.

💡If you don’t see many responses, you can change the frequency when the rating survey is sent. However, be careful of overwhelming your patients, which may affect your overall score and reduce their likelihood to respond.

Breakdown by Practitioner

After the high-level view, you can dive deeper to look into the performance of individual practitioners at the clinic. As a Full Access user, you can click into each practitioner to see a breakdown of all the rating scores they received in the time frame. We also show the average rating for each practitioner to give you a sense of how each is performing. You will also see how they compare against the entire clinic in the filtered time frame.

If you are a Practitioner, you will see your own rating scores and its distribution. You can also compare this against how the clinic is performing overall as shown above.


For Full Access and Administrative Staff / All Billing users, we initially list all the feedback received by the clinic. If you would like to focus on the patient feedback for a specific practitioner, click the practitioner name on the left.

You’ll be able to see the individual feedback patients have left for practitioners on the right. You can also click the practitioner’s name in the review.

To go back to reviewing all feedback, simply click your clinic name listed on the left.

For staff members with Practitioner or Front Desk roles, you’ll be able to review all feedback you’ve received for your appointments only.

Filtering your Results

To help improve your performance, you can dive deeper into some of the specific feedback and ratings:

You’ll be able to filter the results so you can focus on reviews based on:

  • A specific staff member or multiple staff members
  • The date when the patient provided their feedback
  • The number of stars received with the feedback

This should help you find new insights about your practice while opening new opportunities for marketing and performance improvements.

We hope this helps!

You can always reach out to us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-844-310-5263 (Mondays through Fridays from 6am to 5pm PST) and we would be happy to guide you in the right direction!

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