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Introducing Tags

February 14, 2018

In a moment of pure passion, we tackled one of the most requested features in all of Jane. It’s our Valentine’s gift to you, our lovely customers.

Do you have a treatment you only want to offer on a specific day? Or maybe only in the mornings? Do you want to limit your initial visits to a couple of hours a day?

Introducing #tags - A simple way to limit treatment availability.

We’ve added a simple new system to Jane where you can tag your shifts and treatments (aka services, sessions, classes) with a tag of your choosing, sort of like a hashtag. And then Jane will only offer up availability for that treatment on shifts with a matching tag. It’s a simple idea and really powerful in how it lets you control your availability.

Tag your Shifts

When you edit one of your shifts, you’ll see an area to add tags. Enter a tag, hit return, and click save.

Tag your Treatments

When you edit one of your treatments (may be called Services or Sessions in your account), you can check off an existing tag or add a new one.

Watch the magic happen

Now on your main schedule, click the magnifying glass next to your tagged treatment, and you’ll see that Jane only lights up availability on shifts with that tag. Jane will do the same thing in your online booking.

You can read more in our guide about setting up tags.

So that’s tags. We hope you love it.

The Jane Team

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