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July Updates

July 16, 2015

Hello all,

We would like to let you know about a few lovely new things in Jane. Here’s what’s new:

Patient Relationships

You can now link patient accounts together by adding a relationship, like parents of a child, or a spouse. These linked patients can also receive a copy of all email notifications and reminders. So, if you have a young patient and both parents would like to receive appointment reminders, you can add both parents to the child’s profile, and choose to CC on Booking Notifications & Reminders.

Email & SMS History

Check out the new Messages tab on a patients profile to see a list of all emails and SMS messages that have been sent to the patient. You can click any item in the list to see the full message that was sent. It also indicates if the message was successfully delivered or opened by the patient or if the message could not be delivered for any reason.

Resizable Body Chart Images

When you’re building a chart template, or charting, you can now increase the size of the images in the body chart. This can make it easier to annotate a diagram or create more detailed annotations. Just be sure to resize the image before you begin your annotations.

Charted on the wrong patient profile? (Oh my!)

We’ve added a way to move a chart entry to the correct patients profile. The author of the chart can select Change Patient from the gear dropdown at the bottom of the chart, and then search for the correct patient to move the chart to. An amendment will be added to the chart to indicate that an entry was added incorrectly and has been moved.

Chart Titles

Charts now display the title of the template of the chart on each entry. This title is also searchable, so you can quickly find all entries that came from a specific template. Note that if you are using multiple templates in a single chart entry the search will be just for the initial template that displays on the chart entries list.

If you’re using the chart to write documents like a referral letter or cover letter or even prescriptions, you can now print that entry in a business letter format. Select Print from the gear dropdown at the bottom of the chart entry, then choose Letterhead from the Template Style dropdown.

And a few more litte things:

  • You can now set the order of your rooms in the Company Preferences area, under Rooms. Drag them up and down to reorder.
  • The Company Preferences area has been reorganized to be a bit more intuitive. Hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for right where you’d expect it to be!
  • Teleplan On Hold claim submissions are now displayed in their own area. These will still receive a response from Teleplan eventually, so just leave them there and they will automatically advance to Approved or Rejected when Teleplan posts a remittance.
  • Many bug fixes and performance improvements have been made recently. Thanks for all your help and feedback!

OK that’s all for today. Many more things are in the works and will be released soon.

Let us know your thoughts!

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