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Intake Forms, Rooms, & Medical Alerts

April 16, 2015

Hello Jane Family,

We’ve released a few new features this week, and they’re all pretty exciting.

Intake Forms

You can now easily set up an electronic intake form for your patients to fill out before their first visit. The intake form consists of a few parts:

  1. Profile information, including a number of new fields you’ve been asking for.
  2. Questionnaires, such as family history, existing conditions or any other questions you ask on your current intake forms. These answers will become part of the patient’s chart.
  3. Contact Preferences, where patient’s can confirm how they would like to be contacted/reminded.
  4. Consents, where you can ask for specific consents, or acknowledgement of your policies.

Patients will be prompted to fill out the intake form when they first open their online account, or with their initial booking notification. If your patient has not yet completed the intake form, Jane will also continue to prompt users to fill out the intake form on all communication sent out before the patient’s initial appointment.

Click here for a guide on building your intake form.


You can now assign shifts to a room! You may want to use Jane’s room feature if you are scheduling your staff by room, or if any of your practitioners book multiple simultaneous bookings. And don’t worry, if rooms aren’t for you, you won’t see anything to do with rooms in Jane unless you set some up.

Jane’s room booking allows you to:

  1. You can figure out your staff scheduling by room within Jane. Click the Rooms button and see appointments and shifts on a day by room. Or, you can view everything scheduled in a room by week.
  2. If you offer simultaneous bookings, you can book yourself into multiple rooms simultaneously. This allows Jane to continue to offer online booking availability until all rooms are booked.

Click here for a guide on setting up rooms.

Medical Alerts

You may have noticed the new Medical Alert link in the charts. Simply click the link, and add some text to the field that appears. This text will appear at the top of the patients chart whenever you view it. You can click to edit the alert at any time, or remove the text to delete it. Medical alerts are not part of the official chart record, and will not be visible to patients or included on printed or exported charts.

Hope you enjoy the new features, and as always, let us know if you have any questions, thoughts or feedback.

Trevor, Alison, and the Jane Team.

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