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All the Updates Including Intake Form Signatures & More...

June 06, 2019

Hello Jane Community,

We mean it when we say community. We love how connected we feel to our customers, and we love the meaningful interactions we have with you each day. We tell people all the time that we have the best customers in the world. Hard to prove, but we think we’re probably right! 😉 When we say we have the best customers in the world, it means that we really value the relationships we have with our customers. Part of this relationship comes from a nice synergy between how you run your business and how we are running ours. We know that many of you are growing your practices by providing a great service that your clients will tell their friends about — that’s how Jane is growing too. We’re hoping to provide you with a service that actually makes your life better. And you continue to tell your colleagues about Jane, which is truly the nicest thing. So thank you for that.

One of our customers recently said that she felt like the Jane team was here to care for her as she cares for her patients. We really loved hearing that because we want to be to you what you are to your patients: a helper, a cheerleader and a champion of success.

We talk a lot here about “Jane’s heart” which is an intrinsic motivation to be helpful to you. As we’re making tweaks to how Jane works, or answering an email, or training our new staff, or thinking about the next big thing to add to Jane, we have so many of your faces and stories in our minds. We think a lot about how many of you are practitioners in some sort of caring discipline where your main focus is working on humans all day, but on top of that, at the end of your day, you also have a small business to run. That thought is hugely motivating for us. We want to help make the running of your practice easier and more efficient. We are also thinking a lot about what it takes to grow your practice. For the past few years Jane’s tagline has been “See Jane run your practice,” and recently we have been working on new things that are more about “See Jane grow your practice.” It’s exciting and we look forward to introducing you to some of these new features (and events).

We also want to thank you for your patience. This whole venture – to simplify running your practice – has turned out to be quite the ambitious pursuit. There are so many features we wish were done already — we know how badly you want them, and we know how helpful they are going to be. We’re working hard on both developing faster and keeping things solid and reliable. We’ve been staffing up a lot this year, and our momentum is picking up very nicely. We think you’ll be pleased with the results in the coming months.

So, thanks for hanging with us. We love being on this journey with you.

- Alison, Trevor & the Jane Team

New Feature: Intake Form Signatures

New Feature Update! 🎉 Your clients can now provide a visual signature at the end of their intake forms. ✍️

Your clients will have the option to draw their signatures using a touch screen or a mouse. (They can also choose to type their names using a handwritten font - there are several options).

You can enable signatures on your existing intake forms by heading to Settings ➡️ Intake Forms ➡️ editing one of your forms ➡️ choosing “Require Signature” on the “Consents” tab.

Learn More

Gender / Sex Update

We have been collecting a lot of feedback on how Jane presents and collects gender information, and we have made some changes to how these fields work. Jane believes strongly in respectful and accessible healthcare for everyone, and we have updated the options for collecting gender/sex information to allow for successful insurance billing as well as respectful and accurate self-reporting.

The first field, labelled Gender, is a free-form text field. The field’s help text says: Refers to current gender which may be different than what is indicated on your insurance policies.

The second field, labelled Sex, is a drop-down with the options Female, Male, X. The help text says: This field may be used for submitting claims to your insurance provider. Please ensure the sex you provide here matches what your insurance provider has on file.

Jane’s prefix fields now also include a Mx option. 🏳️‍🌈

Honourable Mentions

There are too many tweaks to list here, as we’ve been releasing fixes and minor modifications nearly every day of the week. Here are some highlights:

  • To help with the workflow of practitioners and administrators coordinating their efforts on adding insurance billing info to each visit, you can now have your Claim Submission begin in a “Draft” state instead of beginning as “Unsubmitted”. The idea here is that once the billing codes have been entered and reviewed, you can then advance it from “Draft” to “Unsubmitted” so your billing staff know it’s ready to go. Learn More
  • We’ve added options to batch generate superbills and CMS-1500 forms. You’ll find these fantastic new options in the Claim Submissions list under the Export menu. And super bills are now email-able too! Learn More
  • We are continually surprised and amazed at how much data some of you generate in Jane … which then leads us to shock and dismay at how slow parts of Jane become when crunching all that data. We’re happy to report we’ve been making great strides at speeding up some of Jane’s slowest spots. In some cases, the improvements are just ridiculous: In a recent re-work of the compensation report, one case improved from 3 long minutes to 2 short seconds.
  • We coded ourselves into a corner when we built the gift card balance transfer feature, and the results were not great. We’ve since coded ourselves out of that corner, and the results are finally correct. 😅
  • Even though most of us at Jane type on keyboards for a living, we don’t really like typing when we don’t have to. So, we updated Jane’s address fields to show suggestions powered by Google’s massive geolocation database. Hopefully it’s handy for you! You can also feel free to ignore it and keep typing as much as you like.
  • The Claim Submissions list had a bit of a misnomer on it, where the column labelled “Service Date” was actually displaying the date the invoice was generated. Most of the time, that’s the same date, but in some cases invoices may be created at a later date. So we updated that column to actually display the service date no matter the date of the invoice.
  • While some designers in our midst do appreciate white space, some of Jane’s dropdown menus were displaying a full row of white space between every option in the dropdown menu. This was not Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic sensibilities. It was a bug, and it has been fixed.

As always, let us know your thoughts! We love hearing from you.

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