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2 Months Worth of New Things

February 05, 2017

Hello lovely Jane customers.

It feels like far too long since we’ve let you know what’s been happening here at Jane. And a big Hello and Welcome to the more than 2,000 of you that are receiving your first Jane newsletter!

We’re not announcing any massive new features today, but we’ll give you the run down on a bunch of little changes we’ve been making. As we develop and support Jane, we’re always trying to balance big projects that might take us a few months to complete, with smaller projects and tweaks that make everyone super happy. We’ve got some big projects on the go, such as adding support for direct billing insurers, deductibles, and support for insurance in additional countries. We’ll be announcing these as we roll them out in the coming months.

But for now, here’s a bunch of new small-ish things. Some of them are pretty exciting in their own small way.

New in Jane

Respecting Gender

We’ve adjusted the gender section of Jane’s patient/client profiles to better balance the various reasons to collect this info. The profile now has a Birth Gender dropdown and an Identifying Gender field.

The Birth Gender dropdown is quite limited, as it is designed to keep Jane compatible with the various integrations and (old-school) insurance companies we talk to, who usually only accept one of two values. The Identifying Gender field is open for any term to be entered.

You can also enable the Identifying Gender field in your intake forms in the intake form editor.

Five little tweaks to Jane’s intake forms system:

  1. You can now make any of the profile fields required. (Sorry, still no required fields in the questionnaires. That will come…).
  2. Consents can now include an option to disagree or opt out of that particular consent. So, when you’re asking your clients to agree to give up their first-born child if they miss an appointment, they can politely not consent.
  3. Long lists of checkboxes in the intake form are now presented in 3 columns, which looks a lot less long. (The magic number of checkboxes to trigger the 3 column view is 9).
  4. In the Questionnaires, the check boxes section now allows you to include a text field with each check box for additional information to be entered (just like Jane’s chart template system).
  5. Patients/Clients are now prompted to fill out partially completed intake forms on their My Account page. And they also get a list and link to view past intake forms they’ve filled out.

Apply a Specific Payment to Specific Invoices

You may have noticed a redesign when viewing an existing payment in a patient/client profile, or in an insurer’s payments list. This redesigned view lets you do some new things, like search for outstanding invoices that you would want to apply the payment to.

This is super handy when you receive a big insurer cheque and need to apply it to specific invoices. Or if you receive a pre-payment from a patient/client, you can come back to that payment and apply it to specific invoices as needed.

More info on Receiving/Applying an Insurer Payment and a guide doc on Apply Patient Credit to a Specific Invoice

Manage All Claims for an Insurer & Resetting Claims for a New Year

You’ll see a new tab in the Insurer area that lists all claims for that insurer. And this tab has some handy batch abilities. You can select a bunch of claims and use the orange dropdown at the top right to mark them as closed, or open, or use the new Reset feature.

Resetting a claim marks the current claim as closed, and opens a new identical claim for the next calendar year. This is a great way to reset visit counts and dollar amounts.

Remember that not all insurers would work this way. MVA or Workers comp claims typically don’t follow calendar years, so this would be most relevant for extended benefit providers or government health plans.

Here’s a help document that will walk you through this claim reset process step-by-step.

Location Info in Emails

We’re now including each location’s long description in Jane’s reminder and notification emails. This is a great spot to put any useful tips about your location, like parking info, or after-hours access, or the name of the front desk staff that they should bring fresh baked cookies to.

Find the field for creating a long description in the Settings -> Clinic Info & Locations area. Scroll down to the list of location(s) and click on View. You’ll see a long description box there.

Refund to any Payment Method

We’ve adjusted the refund system to allow you to pick any payment method for the refund. So if someone originally paid by debit, and you refunded them some cash, it’s easy to record what happened. This is also super handy if someone paid online using Jane Payments, but you processed the refund on your terminal in person.

Insurance Claim Max Amounts & Tax

Setting a max amount on insurance claims now has an option for that amount to be inclusive of taxes. Previously, we made you do the math. Which is awful, considering computers were invented to do the math.

You can also set a default preference for this in the Settings -> Billing Settings area (full access required). Look for the Calculate Max Amount on insurance claims inclusive of tax check box.

Skip the Taxes on a Purchase

If there’s ever a reason to not charge tax on a one-off purchase that would usually be taxed, you can uncheck the tax option in the detailed purchase view.

Jane on the Road

We’ll be at many trade shows and conferences this spring and it would be great to see you in person. We’ll also be hosting meet ups at coffee shops in each city we visit where you can come and get some in-person help.

  • Feb 15 - 18 - APTA Combined Sections Conference, San Antonio, USA
  • March 31 - April 1 - InterAction Ontario Physiotherapy Association, Toronto, CA
  • March 30 - April 2 - Integrative Fertility Symposium, Vancouver, CA
  • March 30 - Mental Health and the Body BC Massage Therapy Association, Vancouver, CA
  • April 2 - BC Physio Forum Physiotherapy Association of BC, Vancouver, CA
  • May 16-19 - CCPA Annual Conference, Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, St John’s, CA
  • June 1 - 2, Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, Edmonton, CA
  • June 3 - 4, Education Conference and Educator Day Registered Massage Therapists of Ontario, Toronto, CA
  • June 7 - 8, COPA, London, UK
  • Oct 19-21, Momentum 2017, Australian Physiotherapy Association, Sydney AU
  • TBD, BC Chiro Convention, BC Chiropractic Association, TBD CA
  • TBD, ANM Conference, BC Naturopathic Assocation, TBD CA

Know someone that would be a great addition to the Jane team? We’re always on the hunt for smart, slightly nerdy, energetic self starters, with a lovely phone and email manner and a willingness to be awesome. Check out our job postings.

Honourable Mentions
  • The wait list Treatment dropdown now only shows treatments relevant to the Discipline or Staff Member you’ve selected. We had temporarily lost this intuitive and logical feature… but it’s back. For good.
  • We fixed an issue with booking breaks that repeat weekly when there is another break on the schedule with the same start and end time but on a different day. If you can follow the logic of that sentence, we should hire you.
  • The write off report can be filtered by a date range now rather than just an end date. Your accountants can stop calling us now to ask for this. Just kidding. We know they’ll keep calling us.
  • In an attempt to keep things tidy behind the scenes, Jane was over-zealously tidying up the Medical Alert which resulted in everything getting swept onto one line. We’ve asked Jane to just chill a bit and let you keep your medical alerts at your own desired level of tidiness.
  • Apparently Google has limits on how many Google Maps we’re allowed to load in a day. Fair enough. So, if you or your customers saw a grey box in place of a map in an email recently, we apologize. We’ve got it sorted now.
  • Jane’s unscheduled patients report was showing some surprise results when printed or exported to excel. While surprises can be enjoyable, we felt this was not the enjoyable kind of surprise and have made the reports less surprising.
  • On your Company Dashboard, you may have noticed that the “previous period” stats were not updating when you filtered by location or staff member. Sorry if we caused your heart to stop when your previous period appeared to be 100x better than the current.
  • Outstanding amounts from exactly 120 days ago were showing up in both the 90 - 120 and 120+ columns on the A/R report. The ‘ol off-by-one error. Classic. And embarrassing. Sorry.

Thanks everyone for your support of Jane. We often say we have the best customers. And as always, let us know your thoughts, so we can keep making Jane better and better.

- The Jane Team

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