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Jane's September Newsletter

September 27, 2022

Hey Jane community,

We hope you had a fabulous September! We’ve been busy putting together our feature menu for you. Let’s dig in! 🍽️

(1) In-Person Group Appointments and Groups

First on the menu is a delicious pairing — let’s start with Groups. We created this as an administrative shortcut that allows you to add multiple clients to an appointment by searching for the name of their Group instead of adding them to the session individually. For example, instead of adding Beatrice Clarke, Logan Clarke, and Alex Clarke to their family counselling appointment, you can create a Group called “Clarke Family” and search for that Group name to add them all to their visit.

Groups pairs excellently with Group Appointments, a new session type that can accommodate up to 12 clients with a single invoice and payer.

These two features are the first in a series to help improve your experience working with families, couples, and related groups. Stay tuned for these features coming out soon: Payments for Related Clients (Group Billing), Copy to Patient (Group Charting), and Online Appointments for Groups.

We recommend getting familiar with Group Appointments now since this will be the first step when booking Online Appointments for Groups.

Check out our Group Appointments guide to learn more >

(2) Credit cards on Intake Forms

Our special this month is super popular, but don’t worry, we made enough for everyone. 😉

If you’re using Jane Payments, you can now enable secure, PCI-compliant credit card collection on new or existing Intake Forms. Once enabled, clients without a card on file will have the option to add their card info the next time they’re prompted to fill out an Intake Form.

If you’re not using Jane Payments yet, it only takes a few minutes to get set up, so you can give it a taste today! There are no contracts or hidden fees, just effortless payments.

Learn more about Jane Payments rates and benefits >

Read more about credit cards on Intake Forms >

Honourable Mentions

  • Account Activity Notifications: Over the coming months, you and your clients will start to notice heads-up emails from Jane when a password, email, or address is changed, or when there’s a login to an account from a new device.-
  • Insurance Policy Viewing: When you go to view a client’s Insurance Policy, you’ll now be able to see a lot more info at-a-glance! We’ve added details like the policyholder’s relationship to the insured, Prior Authorization Number, Insurance Plan Name, and default coverage amounts. We hope this removes a few extra clicks from your billing workflows.
  • Billing Notices: Jane Payments users, you can now collect A/R right from your clients’ main Profile page! The Billing Notices box will show any Private Outstanding balances and allow you to send an email request for payment or process a payment on the spot.
  • 🇺🇸 Session/Treatment-Specific Place of Service Codes: If you need to bill or provide superbills using more than one Place of Service (POS) code (for example, if you provide both in-person and online appointments), then you can now set a default POS code for your practice, as well as specific codes for any services that require it.
  • Wait List Notifications: We’ve touched up our Waitlist Notifications so that they will work according to each client’s Online Booking Policy. So, any Wait List client with Online Booking disabled will receive notifications telling them to call to book, while any Wait List client with Online Booking enabled will receive an email that lets them choose an opening online.

Keep up-to-date on everything that’s new in Jane with our Changelog.

Bon appétit! Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, feedback, or just want to say hi. 👋

Until next time, Ali and Trevor, Co-Founders of Jane

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