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Setting a Place of Service Code

Hey there friend! If you need help setting a Place of Service (POS) code for claims that you’re billing to insurance, or for superbills that you’re providing to your clients, then you’ve come to the right place.

🗝️ Note: If you offer services in different physical settings, this is especially important for you! For example, if your practice offers a mix of Telehealth and In-person appointments.

Here’s what this guide will cover:

What is a Place of Service (POS) code?

POS codes are two-digit codes that are used to communicate to an insurance company where a service is performed. POS codes are required on all electronic and paper claims and are often requirements for client superbills.

CMS maintains the POS code set. On paper claims (CMS1500), POS codes are communicated in Box 24b. On electronic claims, POS codes are sent in Loop 2300, Segment CLM05.

⚠️ Without a POS code, you won’t be reimbursed by insurance (and neither will your clients!).

Where can I set POS codes in Jane?

There are two places where you can assign POS code.

Location Settings: This will become the default code for all Treatment/Sessions you don’t add a specific POS code for.

  • If you bill/provide superbills for all of your Treatments/Sessions under a single POS code, you’ll only need to set your default POS code in your Location Settings.

Treatment/Session Settings: This will override your default code for this Treatment/Session only.

  • If you bill/provide superbills for some of your Treatments/Sessions under different POS codes, you can set a default POS code in your Location Settings for your most commonly billed code, and set specific codes in the Treatment/Session Settings for appointment types that need it.

  • A super common version of this these days (especially for our friends working in Mental Health!) is offering both in-person and Telehealth services.

📌 Adding a default POS code in your Location Settings

For each Location you add to your Jane account, you can assign a default POS code at the bottom of the Location Settings page (Settings > Clinic Info & Locations > Edit/New Location).

The POS code set here will apply to all claim submissions and superbills under appointments booked at this Location.

✨ Adding a specific POS code in your Treatment/Session Settings

For each Treatment/Session you offer, you have the option of setting a specific POS code (Settings > Treatments, Classes & Group Appointments). If you don’t set a Treatment/Session-specific POS code, the default Location POS code will be used.

For example, let’s say you’re a Mental Health practice that offers a mix of in-person and Telehealth appointments. If you’ve set your Location Setting POS default to cover your in-person appointments (i.e. 11 - Office), then you can use the Treatment POS Setting to cover your Telehealth appointments (i.e. 02- Telehealth).

Changing a POS code on the fly

If you need to change the POS code for a one-off claim that you’re billing, you have the option to change the POS code in the submit preview.

Note that changes made on the fly only apply to electronic submissions (837 EDI). They don’t affect paper claims (CMS1500) or superbills.

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