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Switching clearinghouses to Claim.MD

In partnership with our friends at Bushido Billing, we’ve created a handy checklist for when you’re switching clearinghouses— like, say, from your current clearinghouse to Claim.MD in order to enjoy Jane’s insurance billing integration. 😉 Let’s dive in!

✍️ If you’d like to print off this checklist to keep on your desk, you can download the PDF version.

📺 You can also watch the 20-minute session we hosted with Sara from Bushido Billing on youtube.

Step 1: Sign up with Claim.MD

  • You can take a look at Claim.MD’s plans here and if you have any questions you can schedule a demo with the Claim.MD team.
  • Once you’re ready, you can sign up here.
    • Don’t forget to indicate that Jane is your vendor to receive 10% off your monthly subscription.

⚠️ Don’t stop using your current clearinghouse quite yet! You’ll want to continue managing claims there until you’ve completed enrolment with Claim.MD— this can take ~5-30 days depending on which insurers you bill to.

Step 2: Start the enrolment process

  • Check that all of your business information is up-to-date
  • Head to Manage Account > Prov. Enrolment in your Claim.MD account, where you’ll see that the enrolment process has been started for you! Many can be completed with a single click.

    • 🔥Tip: Even with this pre-populated in Claim.MD, it might be helpful to create your own checklist to work from. You can use Claim.MD’s payer list to double-check the enrolment requirements for EDI, ERA, and Eligibility for all insurers you submit to.
  • Complete each enrolment based on how you are credentialed with each individual insurance company.
  • Most enrolment approvals will automatically be applied, but for some insurers, you may need to contact Claim.MD directly to have them added. Each enrolment application in Claim.MD will include info on the way you should expect to hear back about the approval.

Step 3: Start using Claim.MD

  • Once all your approvals have been handled & confirmed, you can start billing with Jane and Claim.MD!

Optional: Medicare

If you submit claims to Medicare, you may need to look out for a couple of additional things:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Jane’s support team or the Jane US Billing Community on Facebook, where professionals like Sara from Bushido Billing are more than happy to give you a hand! 😁

If you’d like to learn more about Sara and Bushido Billing, you can schedule a call by visiting www.bushidobilling.com or emailing [email protected]

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