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Box 28

Total Charge

What’s in the box?

This box shows the Total Charge for all services rendered. It reflects the sum of the charges in Box 24F for all procedures on the claim.

Where to go in Jane:

There are several places to add billing codes to an Appointment in Jane. A popular option is under the Insurance Info section of the Appointment Panel, directly from the Schedule.

If you need assistance setting up your billing code charges or adding billing codes to appointments, please check out this handy guide: Start Billing 2: CPT & Diagnosis Codes.

📌 Pro Tip: The Insurer Invoice amount is different than the Total Charge. If you add Allowed Amounts, collect patient responsibility at the time of service, or courtesy bill, then the Insurer Invoice is going to be less than the sum of your billing codes. But don’t worry this is okay - it won’t affect Box 28!

Insurer Invoice Amount:

  • What you think the insurer will pay you
  • Helps make your A/R more realistic
  • Not included anywhere on claims

Total Charges:

  • Always the sum of your billing code charges
  • Used on claim submissions

Box 28 will always reflect the sum of your billing code charges

Is this required?

The Total Charge is required for all claims. As long as you’ve added all your billing codes to your Appointments, Jane will automatically add these up for you.

What about the EDI file?

Like on the CMS1500, the sum of your billing code charges is calculated automatically! As mentioned above, the Total Charges will always reflect the sum of your billing codes, regardless of the Insurer Invoice amount.

The total amount of submitted charges is sent in Loop 2300 - Claim Info, Segment CLM02.

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