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Recording an Additional Insurer Payment

Sometimes an insurance company will send multiple remittances and payments towards a single claim. To learn how to manage any additional remittances/payments you may receive, read on!

Viewing the EOB Screen a Second Time

If you view the EOB screen for a purchase where you’ve already applied an EOB to the claim (i.e. after you’ve recorded an insurer payment and applied the remittance in detail using the EOB screen), the screen will look slightly different.

Although it looks different, you are still able to edit the numbers you’ve entered for each procedure if needed - you just need to click the ‘Edit Existing Amounts’ text under the procedure that requires edits.

Walking Through an Example: Recording a Second Insurer Payment Using the EOB Screen

Let’s say that we received a remittance last week for a claim where we billed out two codes - and initial exam and an adjustment.

The remittance included a payment for the adjustment, but the initial exam was denied because we forgot to add the required modifier.

When we recorded this remittance and applied the payment, our EOB looked something like this:

Note: we left the full amount of initial exam code outstanding, since we still expect to receive payment from insurance after we re-bill.

Fast-forward a couple weeks

Now we’ve re-billed, and we’ve received a second remittance and payment from insurance. The additional payment is just for the initial exam, as the remittance information for the adjustment code hasn’t changed.

After we record the second insurance payment (which can be done in Billing > Insurer Invoices > New Payment), find the claim, and click the ‘Edit’ button to access the EOB screen, this is what we see:

To apply the additional payment, we just need to click the ‘Edit Existing Amounts’ text underneath the initial exam code.

We are then able to adjust the amounts to reflect the information in the second remittance. After we’ve done that, all that’s left to do is apply our changes!

Note: that we didn’t have to click the ‘Edit Existing Amounts’ text for the adjustment code, since the amounts remained unchanged between the first and second remittance.

And that’s it! Onto the next remittance. :)

If you have any questions about recording EOBs we’d love to hear from you! Use the Help button from within your Jane account or email us at [email protected].

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