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Box 16

Dates Patient Unable to Work

What’s in the box?

If a claim is related to an injury that caused the patient to miss work, this box is used to indicate the date range where the patient was unable to work in their current occupation.

The ‘From’ date in the range is the Last Date the patient was able to work. The ‘To’ date in the range is the date the patient was able to Return to Work.

Where does this info live in Jane?

You can add a Last Worked date and a Return to Work date within the patient’s Policy (Patient Profile > Billing tab > Insurance Policies > View + Edit or New Insurance Policy).

Note: if both dates are filled in, the Last Worked date must be before Return to Work date (unless a time machine was involved). 😉

Is this required?

This information is optional and should only be reported if applicable to the patient’s case.

What about the EDI file?

Both the Last Worked and Return to Work dates are send in Loop 2300 - Claim info. Each date type is sent in its own segment. If both dates are present, the Last Worked date segment is sent first.

  1. The Last Worked date is sent in Loop 2300 Segment DTP
    • DTP01 includes the qualifier for Last Worked → ‘297’
    • DTP03 includes the date
  2. The Return to Work date is sent in Loop 2300 Segment DTP
    • DPT01 includes the qualifier for Return to Work → ‘296’
    • DTP03 includes the date

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