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Creating Billing Codes (US)

Are you in Canada? Check out this guide for Creating Custom Billing Codes. U.S. friends, read on below!

If you are billing a fee schedule that has been agreed upon outside of your normal private fees, such as agreements with insurance companies, or government organizations, or sports organizations, you can create a billing codes to use to override your private pricing.

This can either be higher or lower fees than your customary private rate. If it’s lower you can choose to charge the remainder to the patient, or accept a lower rate, based on your settings of the Insurer You’ve Setup.

Create a Code

To create a billing or fee code head to the Settings area of your account, and then to the “Billing Codes” section.

Then use the “New Billing Code” button to start building your own codes.

You will get a few options in this next screen:

  1. Choose if it’s a Billing Code (so a fee) or a Diagnostic Code.

  2. Set the Code. This can be an internal code that makes it easy to search, or it can be the number assigned by the Payer or Insurance company.

  3. Name the Code. This name will display on reports and receipts and invoices.

  4. Set the Price. This is the full price that will be attached to the billing code. If it changes choose your most commonly used price, or set up multiple codes with a slightly different name to help you differentiate between the pricing options.

Choose Your Favourite Codes

Have a short list of billing and diagnosis codes that you use frequently?

If so, you can create favourite codes that will show up first when adding codes to a patient visit.

To mark a code as a favourite, you’ll need to head into Settings > Billing Codes, scroll to the bottom of the page and use the search bar to pull up the code you’d like to favourite. Once you’ve found it, you’ll just need to press that Favourite button.

After you have marked all your desired codes as favourites, the next time you add billing codes to a visit, these favourites will show up first! Also, any custom codes that you have created will appear as favorites in Jane.

Pro Tip: If you press the Space bar on your keyboard when adding in billing codes to a purchase, Jane will show you all of your favourite codes.

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Hope this helps!

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