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Box 29

Amount Paid

What’s in the box?

The amount that the patient and/or other payer has already paid towards the claim.

Where does this info live in Jane?

The value in this box is set automatically, based on Payments that are Applied in Jane.

If no payments have been received (Applied) for the visit, $0.00 will be set in this box by default.

However, if you collect a patient responsibility at the time of service (copay, coinsurance, or deductible), or the patient prepays for the visit (i.e. courtesy billing), then that amount will be put in this box.

Likewise, if the payer has already paid for a portion of the appointment (i.e. in a resubmission scenario), then that amount will also count towards this box.

For example, if you collect a $20 copay from the patient at the time of service, and the Insurer hasn’t paid anything towards the visit yet, then $20 will be set in this box.

Note: since Jane currently doesn’t support submission to secondary payers at this time, the scenario where the primary Insurer has paid a portion of the visit does not apply.

What about the EDI file?

Neither the Client Payment Amount nor the Other Payer Payment Amount are supported in the EDI at this time.

So, even if the client has paid a portion of the visit at the time of service, or a payer has paid a portion, it will not be sent in the EDI.

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