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Box 19

Additional Claim Info

What’s in the box?

This box is used to communicate additional information about the patient’s condition or the claim.

Where does this info live in Jane?

When creating or editing a patient’s Insurance Policy (Profile > Billing tab > Insurance Policies > View + Edit or New Insurance Policy), there is an option to add Additional Claim Information.

Anything can be added to this box, but note that the info you add to this field will be sent in all electronic and paper claims submitted under the Policy.

Is this required?

Additional Claim Information is optional when creating an Insurance Policy in Jane. Additional Claim Information should only be added if it’s know to affect an Insurance Company’s adjudication process.

What about the EDI file?

Additional Claim Information is sent in Loop 2300 - Claim Info.

Specifically, this info is sent in the NTE segment of Loop 2300:

  • The ‘type’ of note is sent in Loop 2300, NTE01
    • The ‘type’ is always sent as ADD, which means Additional Information.
    • There are multiple ‘types’ of information that can be sent, and each has its own 3-digit qualifier. If you need something other than ‘ADD’, let us know! (For example: CER, DCP, DGN, TPO)
  • The custom text added to the Additional Claim Information field is sent in Loop 2300, NTE02

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