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Uploading an EDI File to Office Ally

Once you have generated and downloaded some EDI files that are ready for submission, you’ll need to login to your Office Ally account to upload the files.

Start by logging into Office Ally, and then follow the steps below:

  1. Select Upload Claims
  2. Select Upload Professional
  3. Click Choose File and select the EDI file from your device
  4. Click Upload

Once you have uploaded the EDI file, you’ll be able to see the claims by clicking Claim Fix > Claims Awaiting Batch

If a claim does not pass through the system, because it needs to be corrected, you can find the claim under the Repairable Claims selection:

From here you can select the claim date and make any corrections needed.

After the claims have been submitted, a file summary can be found under Download File Summary.

You can find the EOB information under the Download EOB/ERA tab:

If you have any questions on using Office Ally, you can reach their support team here: Office Ally Support

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