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Jane's March Newsletter

March 22, 2022

Hey Jane community,

Just before we dive into our March Newsletter, we want to say a quick thank you. As we gathered the list of updates we wanted to share this month, we got to thinking about how many of Jane’s features are created and made better thanks to all of you! We really do feel like we’re building Jane alongside you.

Between adding to our Feature Request board, getting active in the Jane Community Forum, and chatting with us through our support channels, you really do make such an incredible impact on how Jane grows.

Let’s get into the fun stuff!

(1) Update to Memberships

We haven’t quite figured out time travel yet, but Jane has! You can now backdate a Membership when you sell it, and Jane will generate all the past billing cycle invoices accordingly. In keeping with the number one rule of time travel, these past invoices won’t be processed automatically to avoid any surprises.

Coming back to the future (😉), you’ll need to collect payment for all the backdated invoices before you can start using the Membership. You can do this easily in person from the Membership screen or online using a Pay Balance email. We’re going to keep working to make this feature even more flexible and helpful for you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with your ideas and feedback!

Learn more about Memberships in Jane »

(2) 🇺🇸 Update to U.S. Insurance Submission Folders

After receiving some feedback that you were missing the at-a-glance ability to check if billing codes had been added to an appointment, we added two new columns to the Claim Submission Folders: Procedures & Diagnosis Codes. This will make it easier to spot claims that don’t yet have Diagnosis codes or CPT codes added. 👀

Check out the updates to the Claim Submission Folders »

Honourable Mentions:

  • 🇨🇦 Canadian Insurance Integrations: Jane pulled out the ol’ label maker and got busy. You’ll find some new insurer labels that help you see integrations (like Pacific Blue Cross, Teleplan, and TELUS eClaims) at-a-glance when saving a new Insurance Policy.
  • Refunds: We found that lots of bookkeeping headaches were happening due to payment refunds accidentally being edited and that it’s pretty rare that someone actually needs to do that. So, we’ve removed the option to edit, and if you ever need to do so, the Jane team will be more than happy to hop in and help you out.
  • Privacy & Security: We made Jane a little bit safer by requiring your password before you can change your Mobile Phone Number in your Staff Profile (and the same for Clients in their My Account!). Just another layer of security to keep your accounts safe and sound.
  • 🖥️ Jane Webinar: Join us on March 29th, at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET for a special webinar hosted by Jane community member, Emma Jack. From Surviving to Thriving: How to Create More Time, Space and Energy in your Practice and Your Life will explore some needle-moving ways that you can create more energy to help you show up more fully for yourself and those around you. Register here to join us or to receive the recording straight to your inbox!

Want to keep up with everything that’s new in Jane? Check out our Changelog! 

Thanks again for being on this journey with us, folks! If you ever want to chat about how we can be more helpful to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 💙

Ali and Trevor Co-Founders of Jane

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