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August 27, 2015

Happy Friday! We’ve got some fun new things to let you know about. Here it is:


It’s possible that we may have heard once or twice that you would like to see more colours in the schedule. Well, that day has come… Jane is now a little more colourful.

But first, a word about how we think about colors in Jane. We work really hard to make Jane as intuitive and self explanatory as possible and colours are tricky because their meaning can be cryptic. Meaning, you have to learn and memorize what they mean. Which is why we’ve used other devices, such as staff photos, recognizable icons, and plain-old words, to indicate what’s what in Jane.

But we get it, it would be super helpful to see at a glance which of your treatments are which. So, we’ve added 4 new colour options that you can assign to your treatments. These colours are easily distinguished from each other, and still look great together, and don’t conflict with any of the other use of colour in Jane. We’ve still reserved the colour green for arrived appointments, and red for no show appointments. But the rest of the colours can become meaningful for you in any way you like.

To assign colours to your treatments, edit any treatment and select a colour for it to appear in in the schedule. You can use the same colour for multiple

And because colours are being used in a new way, we’ve added a little cloud icon for appointments that are booked online by a patient, in addition to a lighter shade of the treatment’s colour.

Hope you like it.

Prices Including Tax

If you offer nice round numbers for your treatments and products that include sales tax, you can now have Jane do that math for you. Jane will even accommodate prices that don’t quite round to the price you want.

Edit a treatment or product, enter a price, check the Price Includes Tax check box, and check off the appropriate taxes. When you sell this treatment or product, you’ll see Jane reverse calculate the pre-tax subtotal to hit the price you want.

Patient? Customer? Client? Choose your term.

You can now choose how you would like to refer to your customers. Jane has always used the word patient, from our roots in an integrated health clinic. But you can select a different term in the Company Preferences area. Click the Clinic Info & Locations link, and select a term from the Patient Term drop down menu. If you would like an option that is not listed, contact us and we can add it for you.

Limiting Staff Email Notifications

We’ve added an option for staff to only be notified about changes to their schedule that affect the immediate future. So, you can receive a notification that affects your schedule tomorrow, but not about a booking for a month from now. Click Edit on your staff profile, then go to the Settings tab. You’ll see a new option to adjust the time period that you would like to be notified about bookings, cancellations and changes to bookings.

Honourary Mentions (aka participation trophies)

  • Incomplete intake forms are now listed in patient profile. This is helpful when you’re helping a patient who may have had trouble completing their intake form.
  • Compensation Report Printing. We’ve added a page break between staff members when you’re printing compensation reports.
  • Staff profiles now have a Messages tab, that lists all emails sent to the staff member from within Jane.
  • You can now reverse a write off on an invoice.
  • Chart Signing now displays your staff photo in the confirmation window, to help you notice if you’re accidentally logged in as the wrong person.
  • Many bug fixes.

Jane Guide: Setting up Online Booking like a Boss

We’ve added a new guide document that offers some advice on optimizing your online booking pages. Check it out here

Thanks for reading, and for being a fantastic Jane user.

Trevor, Alison and the Jane team.

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