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Your practice, your way: Why customization is the real key to running an efficient practice

June 06, 2023

We hear a lot about optimization when it comes to running a healthcare practice. But what does that really mean? While setting up automations, such as appointment reminder texts or waitlist notifications, can be helpful, what’s especially important is that you are setting up your business to run specific to the way you work. If you’re not tailoring your solutions based on your preferences, then shortcuts that are designed to make your life easier might unintentionally throw a wrench in your day.

Here are a few tips on how you might customize your workflows so that they work for you.

Offer a diverse range of treatments with flexibility and ease

Being able to write detailed descriptions of your treatments is important if you offer online booking because it allows patients, both prospective and returning, to choose the service that’s right for them and their needs. This allows you to offset the manual work of booking appointments for your patients, while still feeling confident you’re setting aside enough time in your schedule to treat them effectively.

On the practitioner side, being able to customize your treatments can take other forms beyond the public-facing characteristics such as duration, price, and description. For example, you could link specific intake forms to certain treatments or send them based on whether it’s a 1:1 or group session; a telehealth or in-person appointment; or a new or returning patient.

You could also specify the resource requirements you need on your end. For example, if you need to allocate a room, or require piece of equipment to complete a treatment, you can ensure that it doesn’t get double-booked by another practitioner in your practice.

Make your schedule work for you, not the other way around

If you see more than one patient at a time or work out of multiple rooms, then the ability to customize your schedule is super useful. You can assign shifts to different rooms, for example, or stagger your booking start times – helping you stay organized while simultaneously providing a smooth experience for your patients.

Another way to customize your schedule and save time is to set up recurring appointments with regular patients – that way, you and your patient won’t constantly have to be rebooking the same appointment each week. The same can be true for how you set up your shifts or break times in your own calendar.

Develop your process for detailed and busy admin work

Jane has a robust template library that allows practitioners to share knowledge and best practices when it comes to charting. It’s an invaluable resource, particularly if you’re just starting out and want to experiment with different styles. Taking the outline of something another practitioner has already made and tweaking it for yourself is a great way to customize your work and save time.

However, did you know you can also customize how you chart, not just what the template looks like? Here are some of the handiest features in Jane that help you take notes the way that feels best for you.

Dictation: If you have privacy in your office, perhaps you’d prefer to talk your notes out instead of typing them – and reduce your screen time while you’re at it.

Phrases: Auto-populate sentences or short phrases in a chart entry by using a hotkey, and avoid the repetition of typing out common language over and over again. (Check out our blog featuring some practitioners’ most commonly used phrases.)

Narrative: Tell a story with your notes! By using a narrative chart part, you can click a few buttons and auto-generate a full summary of your findings.

Remember that not all of the techniques that are successful for others will be a fit for you. Through a process of trial and error, you can discover what feels comfortable and right for your business and your patients. The technology you use should be supporting your unique processes as a practitioner.

Once you figure out the way you like to work, setting up tailored workflows will help you save time, stay organized, and balance administrative work with effortless patient care.

Ready to optimize your practice with some of Jane’s most popular features? Book a demo with one of our lovely support staff to learn more.

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