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1:1 Online Appointments Sneak Peek

March 19, 2020

👪 Update February 2023: We’ve launched Online Appointments for Groups, our newest telehealth feature! To learn more, check out our guide Online Appointments for Groups.

We’re in this together, and Jane wants to help so we’ve worked really hard over this last little bit and are keen to offer a sneak peek into a new Telehealth feature we’ll be rolling out over the coming days.

Jane’s 1:1 Online Appointments will be included at no extra fee to all Jane accounts.

When you log into your Jane account, you will now be able to set up Online Appointments, and once those are set up, you will be able to book appointments specifically for telehealth services.

Come appointment time, the video call can be started with a click, and every bit of data transmitted is encrypted and secure.

Joining a call is also easy for your client. They need to log in to their Jane account, and from there they will click a button to join the video call…one more click if you need to offer consents, and they’re in.

And of course, if you have Email Reminders set up for your clinic, Jane will include a direct link where your clients can log in to their Jane Account to access the video at the time of the appointment.

Here’s a sneak peek of how a Jane video session will work:

Sneak Peek! Jane Video Session from Jane Clinic Management on Vimeo.

We’re in the process of creating all the learning resources you and your clients will need, and we’ll share them soon. We’re proud to be part of your evolving practice, and want you to know that Jane is firmly in your corner.

The Jane Team

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