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Allied: The jane.app Virtual Community Conference Summary

May 11, 2020

So, Allied has come and gone 🎉 Nearly 6500 registrants, 25 sessions, and 31 speakers all over eight incredible days. Plus, over 27,000 video views (and counting!).

We learned a lot during Allied, and we hope you did too. There was so much information shared in each session, along with links and downloads to additional content and resources, so we wanted to put all of that information into one convenient place for the Jane community.

Each Allied session and relevant links are listed below. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be writing summary blog posts for each individual session as well and we’ll add those links to this post, so make sure to check back often for more Allied content! We’ve also included our Allied survey at the end of this post and we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

If you have any questions or if we’ve missed any links feel free to drop us an email to [email protected] 💌

Allied Sessions & Resources

Returning to Work in a Hybrid World

In this session, Alison Taylor, Jane co-founder, and Stephani Oolup, physiotherapist at The Athletes Grid and LiveActive Sport Medicine share what a return to care might look like and how you can use Jane’s features to keep you and your patients safe.

Add Telehealth to Your Practice with Jane Online Appointments

In this session, Joshua Moore and Sayyada Ishmail from Jane provide an in-depth walkthrough to learn how our early-release of Online Appointments can help you add telehealth to your practice.

Jane Payments: Collect Payments Online and In-Person

In this session, Kevin Byers from Jane shares how Jane Payments can help you accept debit and credit cards for online and in-person appointments. Plus, how Jane’s simple, flexible payment system allows you to accept online booking pre-payments, store customer cards on their profile, and send e-invoices to patients for outstanding balances - all within Jane.

  • Watch the session video
  • To enable Jane Payments on your account, go to Settings > Integrations > Jane Payments

Setting up Your Online Booking

In this session, Debbie Zimmerman and Erin Grant from Jane walk through how to display treatments and show availability to best suit your practice, custom branding, and how to connect Jane to your website.

Learning Jane: Shortcut Keys and Chart Templates

In this session, Meghan Menzel from Jane shares charting tips, keyboard shortcuts, how to build personalized chart templates and how to make use of Jane’s Chart Template Library.

Chart Notes from the Beginning

In this session, Dr. Noel Snodgrass asks you to reinvent the (charting) wheel! Seriously. Jane has so many great ways to make a chart note. Take a moment to think about what you do today and what you should actually be doing and then rebuild your whole approach in the best possible way.

Telehealth Conversions: How to Convert 40% (or More) of Your Current Patients to Virtual Visits Without Being Pushy

In this session, Rick Lau, Darryl Yardley and Karen Craven share what “scripts” and “processes” are working right now to help you learn how to convert your current patients to telehealth.

Adding Telehealth To Your Practice

In this session, Alison Taylor, Jane co-founder, and Natasha Wilch, longtime Jane community member and seasoned telehealth practitioner, share tips on how you can successfully transition your practice to provide telehealth services.

Contact us via [email protected] for an exclusive Jane community discount code for Natasha’s courses

Emailing with Mailchimp

In this session, Michael Vlasaty from Jane shares how to sign up for a Mailchimp account, how to connect Jane and Mailchimp, and how to send your first email.

Understanding Your Business With Jane Reporting

In this session, Alyssa Robertson and Aurelia Kong from Jane provide an overview of Jane’s financial reporting. With a special focus on the Billing Summary, Sales, Transaction, Compensation, and A/R reports that will help you gain a better understanding on the financial health of your clinic, as well as quick tips for spotting areas that require further attention.

Bill Upside Down

In this session, Noel Snodgrass from Portland Chiropractic shares his process for rebuilding your billing process from the ground up – starting with what’s wrong and working backward.

How to Use Your EHR to Stimulate Referrals

In this session, Jeff Langmaid shares how you can use Jane to generate a predictable and consistent stream of referrals from other health care providers.

How to Make the Most of Your Website

In this session, Jon Morrison of Get Clear Consulting shares what’s wrong with most websites and the four essentials of a winning website to implement for your own practice website.

Mastering Manifestation: Generating Calmness, Health and Opportunity During Times of Uncertainty

In this session, Dr. Lorne Brown shares simple, powerful and effective tools to awaken your inner healer and to master manifestation so you can generate more love, health and abundance in your life, even during times of uncertainty.

Values in Action: Your Toolkit for Agile Decision Making Before and During Turbulent Times

In this session, Laura Patrick and Carly Waring of Kids Physio show how strong, consistent, accessible values allow you to make agile decisions even across independently owned clinics.⁠

7 Step Roadmap to Practice Success

In this session, Dr. Bobby Maybee provides a simple step-by-step recipe to help identify strengths and weaknesses in business growth for any type of practice.

How to Develop and Lead Your Team

In this session, Scott Marcaccio from Myodetox shares how to effectively manage your team and develop leaders in your organization who are instrumental for business stability and expansion.

High Performing Teams: Leading Inspired Teams and Developing Pathways for Progression

In this session, Ben Lynch from Clinic Mastery shares how to motivate staff to improve their performance, retain good practitioners, connect your team to build culture, and more.

Your Phone Line is Your Life Line; Let’s Make Sure You Have Someone There to Catch It

In this session, Brandon Doyle from Smiledog shares how their platform can seamlessly integrate with your Jane account to ensure your clients are always cared for.

The Power of Technology

In this session, Cyndy Shaft from Women Chiropractors shares examples and key learnings about the power of technology from the Women Chiropractors Facebook Group with 8000+ global members.

Grow Your Business with Facebook

In this session, Matt Sicoly from Facebook Canada, shares an intro to digital marketing and how to leverage Facebook, Instagram, and other tools to grow your business.

The 5 Step System to Keep Your Clinic Running, Even When You Can’t Touch Your Patients

In this session, Aaron LeBauer shares the top marketing, sales, and business growth strategies that are working right now to generate positive cash flow for US clinics.

How Jane’s Appointment Reminders Made My Practice an Additional $20,000 Last Year

In this session, Jared McCollum of Healing Elements Acupuncture shares how he went from online booking skeptic to Jane advocate. Plus, what he loves, and why he’ll never leave and how Jane’s appointment reminders made his practice an additional $20,000 last year.

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Health Care

In this session, Ken Underhill, Cybrary Master Instructor, provides actionable cybersecurity best practices for small allied health practices and other healthcare organizations.

Looking Forward to Allied 2021!

We could not–and would not–have put on Allied were it not for the Jane community. This event was a way for us to not only provide additional value and education to our community during these challenging times but also a way to say thank you and show that we truly are in this together.

We’ve had tons of great feedback on both Allied as a whole and each of the sessions. This feedback will help us plan for Allied 2021, so if you haven’t yet filled out our survey, we’d love to hear from you!

Thank you so much to the Jane community, our incredible speakers and everyone who helped make Allied such a success.

We look forward to reading your feedback and making Allied 2021 even better! 💙

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