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Knock Knock ✊ Who's there? Your client. You can admit them now.

September 23, 2021

Introducing “Knock Knock”, a private waiting area for your client, designed to give you a heads up when they join a call and let you choose when to admit them to your Online Appointment. This means that your client can no longer pop in without warning as you’re trying to sneak in a quick lunch. 😅

We have two things for Practitioners (who use Online Appointments) to add to their to-do list to experience the full benefits of this improvement

✅ Practitioners using iPhones or iPads (iOS devices): You’ll need to head over to the App Store to update the Jane Online Appointments App to the latest version to enable the private waiting area.

Psst: If using an Android/Samsung device or Chrome on a computer, you can skip this one.

Let your clients know: To do this, you could add a message to the Before and After Booking descriptions for your Online Appointment Sessions (Settings > Sessions & Classes > Edit). Feel free to use this if it’s helpful! 👇

Do you use an iPhone or iPad to access your online appointments? If so, please ensure you have the latest version of the Jane Online Appointments app by visiting the app store.”

What happens if my client doesn’t update their iOS device? The calls will still go through even if the client and/or practitioner have not updated the app.

With this update, it’s more critical that the practitioner updates the app than the client in order to use the client waiting room update.

  • If the client is up to date and the practitioner is not, the practitioner misses out on the private waiting room update.
  • If the practitioner is up to date and the client is not, the client will not see their appointment details before the practitioner admits them to the call.

We promise it’s simple. Here’s how the new update works:

  • If your client joins the call first, you’ll see a green tag on the appointment from your schedule view that your client is waiting. Once you join the call, you can admit the client when you’re ready.
  • If you join the call before your client, you’ll hear a chime once the client enters the waiting area.
  • What will your client see if they join the call first? They’ll see their appointment details and that the Practitioner will admit them once ready.

Are you new to Online Appointments in Jane? These guides will help you get started: Setting Up Online Appointments.

And as always, let us know your thoughts. You can email us at [email protected] or join the conversation in our community group on Facebook! We love hearing from you.

The Jane Team 💙

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