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Jane's December Newsletter

December 16, 2021

Hey Jane community,

Can you believe this is the final Newsletter of 2021? The team has been working hard to get some highly requested features in your hands before year’s end (along with a few extra helpful resources!). We can’t wait for you to see the goodies we’ve got down below, so without further ado, a few little gifts from us to you:

(1) Year-End Planning Resources

The team here at Jane put our heads together to create a few year-end resources that we hope will help you feel organized and ready to hit the ground running in 2022 (list lovers, rejoice! 🙌).

  • This printable Year-End Checklist is perfect for anyone who likes to make a list and check it twice
  • This guide is full of helpful tips that will get your Jane account ready to ring in the New Year
  • This webinar on Year-End Planning is great if you’re looking for something to sit back and sip your cocoa to
  • These wintery Online Booking backgrounds will put a smile on your clients’ faces (and hopefully yours too!)

(2) Jane update: Intake Forms

We’ve updated the way your Client’s Intake Forms appear in their Profile to make them easier to view and manage. You can now see the name and status of their five most recent Intake Forms, with the option to expand the list to view older forms.

When you click the three dots to the right of each Intake Form, you’ll be able to change the patient associated with the form or delete an unsubmitted form altogether. As an Account Owner, you’ll be able to delete submitted Intake Forms as well.

Learn more about Intake Forms»

Honourable Mentions:

  • Memberships: You can now create Memberships and collect recurring payments (automatically or manually) in Jane! We’re hoping this feature will save you time and maybe even make you a little extra cash.
  • Setting Up a Location:: Jane’s U.S. insurance billing got a little more flexible last week, with the addition of this new Staff Billing Setting. This is useful when (1) working with students or new grads, (2) when you see a patient at the same time as another practitioner, or (3) if you need to bill under your full legal name, but use a different name with your patients.
  • Clinical Surveys: We found and fixed an issue where Clinical Surveys were occasionally not being sent out.
  • Copy & Move: For a while, when you selected Copy or Move, Jane wasn’t allowing you to click any other buttons on the Schedule until you had placed that appointment back down. This wasn’t ideal if you needed you delete a Break or move another appointment to squeeze it in, so we made a tweak and you can once again rearrange to your heart’s content while Copying and Moving.
  • Holiday hours for Jane support: From December 20th through December 31st some team members will be taking time with their loved ones, so our wait times may be a little longer than usual. We’ll do our best to be with you as quickly as possible, but the Jane community group may also be a great resource as it is home to thousands of knowledgeable Jane users who are often happy to answer questions. 💙

Want to see everything that’s new in Jane? Check out our Changelog to see all the latest updates.

That’s all for this year, folks! Please do hit reply and let us know if you have any questions. We hope you’re having a very happy holiday season and wish you a wonderful start to the New Year.

Can’t wait to connect with you all in 2022,

Ali and Trevor, Co-Founders, on behalf of the Jane team

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