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October Feature Releases: What’s New Panel, Feature Requests, Self Check-In and More...

October 02, 2019

Greetings Jane Community,

We hope you had a wonderful summer and are already enjoying the first few days of fall.

We are excited to let you know about some of the new features we have added to Jane since our last update. We’re pretty sure you are going to find them super useful and can’t wait for you to try them out and let us know what you think. Read on for all of the details.

What’s New Panel

You may have noticed a little orange dot on your profile photo/initials in the top right when you logged into Jane recently. This is to show you that a new message has been posted in the What’s New announcement panel!

This panel allows us to share updates with all of you directly in Jane. You can also open the panel to see a list of recent announcements. Don’t worry though, we will still be sending out newsletters but this allows you to get the latest Jane updates and news as they are released instead of waiting for the next newsletter.

Self Check-In

We love being able to release features and updates based on the feedback we hear from the Jane Community. This is one that has come up quite regularly so we are thrilled to announce our new Self Check-In feature!

When creating this feature we wanted to build something straightforward and convenient to use that didn’t require an additional kiosk stand with a computer or tablet. To use Jane’s new self check-in feature all you need is a piece of paper to print your branded check-in signage. That’s it! Once you have that, your patients can follow the instructions or scan the QR code to begin their check-in.

Read more about self check-in for staff.

Feature Requests

We’ve added a new area where everyone can easily see all of the feature suggestions that we have received from the Jane Community. You can also add your suggestions and upvote features to show your support and let us know what is important to the Community. There is also a roadmap section where you can see which requests have been put into our development and where they are in the process. 

The Jane team will be responding to your comments and questions as well as providing insights on the status of your requests. Make sure to check back often to see how things are progressing. You can access the feature request area via the link in the user menu in your Jane account (top right), from the Need Help? section in the top menu, or by following this link.

When adding new features to Jane, we gather insight and information in a variety of ways to ensure we are continuing to build the best, most useful version of Jane possible. While we love being able to add features that come from Community requests, a lot is going on behind the scenes of Jane when determining which features can be added to the roadmap. Something that might seem simple from the outside can be much more complicated and touch deep-rooted parts of Jane thereby making it difficult - and sometimes impossible - to implement.

We will try to be as transparent as possible when we are unable to move forward with feature requests from the Community and we are so thankful to have such an engaged and supportive Community interested in helping us build an amazing platform.

Read more about submitting feature requests and new ideas to Jane.

Apple Pay & Google Pay

More ways for patients to pay! For those of you using Jane Payments, powered by Stripe, we have integrated both Apple Pay and Google Pay as payment options for patients. There is no setup or opting in required on your end. Patients will now see the options for those two payment methods the next time they are paying their invoice.

Honourable Mentions

  • Detailed Receipts are now emailable!! Yup, that deserves two exclamation marks.
  • Reconciliation Date (aka Invoice Reversals aka Historically Accurate Accounts Receivable). Further to our announcement last month about Historical Accounts Receivable, we have adjusted this feature to give you more control of how you want to track your financials. If you want to enable the invoice reversal system, you can now designate a particular date where any changes made to invoices generated prior will be tracked using invoice reversals. This is some heady stuff, but super important if you’re working with bookkeepers and accountants. Read all about it here.
  • Customizable Footer for PDF Chart Exports - The footer of Jane’s PDF chart exports is now quite tweakable allowing you to choose what information about your client and practice is included there. This is helpful to ensure your charts meet all the requirements that are applicable to your practice. Also helpful if you want to include a Dad Joke on every page of your charts, although not recommended. Read more here.
  • You can now update the billing address on a stored credit card!!! (Yes, 3 exclamation marks.) Storing credit cards on file for future visits is super handy, but everything falls apart if your client moves (or updates their address with their bank) and there was no way in Jane to handle this. You’ll now be prompted to update the billing address if you try to process a payment on a card where the billing address no longer matches what is on file with the bank. And no need to re-enter the whole card number. You’re welcome!
  • Toggling Editing on Past Insurance - You may have noticed a new toggle if you’ve gone back to edit the insurance area on a past visit that already has payments applied. We’ve made some tweaks here to help smooth out this workflow (and to not accidentally end up with a proliferation of payments being unapplied/applied/unapplied/applied etc.).

As always, let us know your thoughts! We love hearing from you.

The Jane Team

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