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New to Jane: Gift Cards, Improved Payments & In-clinic Fillable Intake Forms

August 03, 2015

Hello Jane Family,

We’ve been working on a full gift card management system for a few months, and we’re excited to say it’s now live. We hope you like it!

But first, here’s two little tweaks you’ve been asking for:

1) Remembering the Last Payment Method

When receiving a payment, Jane now remembers the last payment method used by your customer and pre-selects it for you. We’ve also tweaked the receive payment screen to make the Apply buttons always visible.

2) Filling Out Intake Forms in Clinic

You can now fill out an intake form on behalf of your patient, or even pass your device to the patient for them to fill out. Head to a patient’s profile who has not yet completed their intake form, and click the Fill Out Intake Form link. You’ll be asked if you or your patient will be filling out the form. If you click “Pass Device to Patient”, Jane will lock down your staff member access privileges until the patient has finished filling out the intake form. And then you will be asked for to re-enter your password to resume your session in Jane.

Gift Cards & Gift Certificates

Jane now has a full gift card system for selling, tracking and redeeming gift cards and gift certificates! There’s a lot to it, so check out our guide document for a complete tutorial.

We’ve enabled the gift cards feature on your account, but if you don’t need it, you can disable it in the Company Preferences under Billing Settings, and you won’t see any mention of gift cards in Jane. We don’t want you to have to look at anything you’re not using!

Here’s the highlights:

  • Easily load or redeem a gift card whenever you’re receiving a payment for a patient
  • Receiving payments is super flexible, so a Patient could pay using a combination of existing account credit, a gift card, and a new cash or card payment.
  • Quickly look up all the associated transactions for any gift card. If a patient ever has a balance left on the card, they can save it there for future use, or you can transfer the balance to a credit on their account.
  • If you’re interested in ordering branded gift cards for your clinic (like a Starbucks card), there are many suppliers around that offer these. We’ve kept things technically simple so any existing card system can work. Here’s some technical info if you’re ordering some cards.
  • Works with USB Card Swipers

As always, let us know what you think! We’re always refining and adding new things and we tend to prioritize the requests we’re hearing about frequently.

Trevor, Alison & the Jane Team.

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