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Clinic Study: Marco De Ciantis

March 20, 2023

Sports Specialist Rehab Centre uses Jane to go paperless and reach more clients.

A Solution Built to Support an Established Clinic

Marco De Ciantis graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in late 2011 and is now the owner of two clinics in Toronto, Canada. With the help of Jane he is expanding and creating Health Hubs, a new multi-disciplinary clinic setting, that allows independent practitioners to open their own spaces within a larger health and wellness community setting.

Jane has helped Marco and his team save time and space by going completely paperless, and giving them the tools to expand to new locations within the Greater Toronto Area.

Going Paperless with Jane

Before moving to Jane, Marco took ownership of his first practice and inherited an established, multi-disciplinary clinic team working exclusively with pen and paper for all their note-taking.

Marco’s initial goal as a chiropractor and clinic owner was to find a more secure solution for storing his clients’ charts and to free up storage space for better clinical use. He remembers how long the entire process of dealing with paperwork took prior to Jane. From making sure he had storage for client files, to printing reports to share with bank managers, bookkeepers, and lawyers. He saw that the time it took to deal with and store so much paper was not only losing his clinic precious time that could be better spent helping clients, but it was also costing him money.

In 2019, Jane helped Marco and his team move their patients’ charts, intake forms, and consents online. He was able to free up “dead-real estate” in the clinic and put the space to better use. Not only that, Jane’s features were able to improve his clinic’s workflows. They were able to automate email and text message appointment reminders, as well as share patient exercises, notes, and more through Jane’s patients’ client portal.

“Jane has made our clinical management effortless.” Marco and his team of naturopaths, chiropractors, registered massage therapists, and mental health practitioners no longer need to worry about securing client charts between appointments, and can spend more time treating clients.

A One-Stop Shop For Patient Care

Jane was able to help transform Marco’s patient experience, and give his staff more time to complete necessary clinical work, as well as expand his clinic’s offerings with new features like Jane’s inbuilt telehealth feature.

“Jane has become our patient’s one-stop shop for care and allows our patients to receive better patient-centred care. They can see exactly when our kinesiologist, physiotherapist or chiropractors are available and book directly into their schedules at any time of day. Not only that, it has made it possible for us to run our telehealth sessions with our mental health therapist directly in Jane, too.”

Offering More Services & Reaching More Clients

Initially, Marco and his team’s clinic services were all conducted on-site, but starting in early 2020, with in-person non-essential services closed, Marco and his team found themselves at a crossroads in delivering care to their clients.

Jane was able to make sure Marco and his practitioners were able to stay connected with their clients with free 1-on-1 telehealth. Not only were practitioners like Marco’s naturopathic doctor able to continue offering their services but he also saw this as an opportunity to expand his clinic’s services to include mental health services.

Building a Community with Jane at its Core

In 2019, Marco went on a humanitarian mission to Uganda. He joined a volunteer team of musculoskeletal physiotherapists, infectious disease specialists, speech pathologists, and registered nurses to deliver care to rural Ugandans as part of a Bridge to Health humanitarian brigade. It was there, creating deep, genuine, and meaningful connections, that Marco decided he wanted to create a space for practitioners, whether they are new graduates or practising clinic owners wanting to downsize, to be in a space working together and helping clients collaboratively.

“I want to provide practitioners with a place to set up their own shop in this beautiful community where they can get the guidance to expand their practice. We’ll help them build their own practices if that is what their ultimate goal is, but we’ll also be a place to help answer those questions everyone has. How do I get more patients in the door, how do I budget, how do I price my services? A lot of things we weren’t thought in school.”

The idea is called Health Hubs. It will be a space for practitioners to work in a community environment. They will maintain all of their own autonomy in terms of their business, their own branding, and what they offer. But they would have the opportunity to be part of a thriving community of health and wellness practitioners.

Not only that, Marco plans to share his years of experience with those joining a Health Hub to help these practitioners reach their goals. Whether that is helping practitioners grow a patient list, or mentoring those with the ultimate goal to open their own practice in a different location.

I Couldn’t Do This Without Jane

Jane is helping Marco create Health Hubs by providing a system that allows him to quickly and easily consolidate multiple clinic locations, add unlimited practitioners, and create individualized pricing for their services across dozens of disciplines.

“I couldn’t create Health Hubs without Jane. Jane is the pillar that we are building Health Hubs on top of. I see Jane as a way to build not just a business, but grow multiple clinics and locations. I think Jane is a great tool to offer anyone working in the health and wellness space. I really believe Jane can help anyone at any part of their practice journey.”

What’s next for Marco and his Team

Marco’s vision for the future of his practices and Health Hubs is creating more spaces for practitioners and patients to find their self-ownership, independence and confidence in the Greater Toronto Area. We’re so thankful to be able to help the helpers and we can’t wait to see where Marco and his team create over the next year.


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