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Jane’s most powerful charting tool to date is here

September 30, 2020

Click a button > write a sentence! 🙌

Jane’s newest charting tool is here to save your fingers some precious time! Smart Options & Narrative is a powerful new chart part that allows you to seamlessly create a charting narrative by selecting from a list of custom Smart Options.

We hope this feature can help you significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a chart entry. You’ll be able to create a basic set of Smart Options, or try out the more advanced setting and have Jane auto-generate a summary of your findings with the Narrative feature.

We’ve created a few handy guides to help you get started:


Smart Options

Smart Options allow staff to create a list of subjects with multiple choices. A list can be as short as one subject or contain multiple subjects to avoid repetition.

The choices can also be organized as buttons, sliders, checkboxes, or drop-downs.

Similar to other chart parts, staff can choose how they would like this to display in a signed entry. Select to display all available choices, or to display only the selected choices.

Building A Narrative

Now for the exciting part: we’ve added a new option to display the signed note as a sentence!

Jane will create a narrative by using the custom language added during set up and the choices selected while charting ✨.

During the setup, select the Narrative display option.

Feel free to use Jane’s default text if you’d like.

While charting, Jane will use the Smart Options selected to complete the narrative.

From walking to running with Jane

The Basics 1

In the simplest form, a list can have one subject with multiple choices

The Basics 2

From there you can add more subjects that use the same choices:

We can get a bit fancier and add a Short Label to replace the button to make the longer text shorter. Note: the full descriptive choice will be listed in the signed note, not the Short Label.

Linking your Smart Choices Together


Feeling confident? Try linking the multiple Smart Options together as a Narrative.

All you’ll need to do is select the Options from the list you’ve created in your chart, then watch the magic happen!

Then with just a few simple clicks, your signed chart entry will appear as if you typed it in:

You can learn more about the setup by heading over to Smart Options Narrative for Charting.

We always love hearing what you think. If you have further comments or questions feel free to reach out to our team by emailing [email protected].

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