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Community Story: Nicole McCance Psychology

April 05, 2022

How a Jane community member went from psychologist to business mentor and found her niche in helping other therapists scale and grow their practices.

Nicole McCance is a clinical psychologist turned business mentor, owner of Nicole McCance Psychology in Toronto, Ontario and Jane Ambassador. She is passionate about empowering other therapists to succeed in scaling their practices.

Nicole chatted with our Community Team to talk about her story and journey to get to where she is today, from 15 years of practicing and facing burnout and the turnaround she took to now running one of the largest mental health clinics in Toronto.

Why did you decide to do the work that you do?

I’m a clinical psychologist turned business mentor. I worked as a psychologist for 15 years and loved what I did. After a while, I was tired of having a waitlist and not being able to keep up with the demand, so I decided to take the leap and scale my practice and open up a brick-and-mortar clinic. My clinic is a therapy and neurofeedback clinic offering services for individuals, couples, families, and children.

I actually stopped seeing clients about two years ago and now run the clinic full-time. I have been able to scale my practice to 55 therapists during a pandemic with toddler twins at home. And I now also have a 6-month mentorship program where I teach therapists how to scale their solo practice to a group practice or take their group practice to the next level.

I took the plunge and invested in business coaches. Back then, there were no business coaches who were also therapists who knew the industry. But I was able to take the knowledge they gave me and apply it to the therapy industry. Once I got exponential results, I knew I had to create my own program and help other therapists replicate the results I got. So I created the Clinic Growth Map for Ambitious Therapists.

⭐️ They don’t teach us business in grad school so I felt really stuck in terms of where to start and what exactly to do. I took the plunge and invested in business coaches.

What has been your biggest success and biggest challenge?

Definitely building one of Toronto’s largest clinics from non-existent to 55 therapists has been both a success and a challenge.

But my biggest success now is that it is fully automated and running without me. Because of that, I get to help other therapists help more people by teaching them how to level up their solo or group practices to be automated. As a result, they can help more people while having more free time.

What is the best advice you ever received?

Systemize your business first before you hire. Once you set up all the processes and a solid foundation, it will be easier to fill with people.

By having a practice that is systemized, you are able to build a clinic that basically runs without you. New hires and current therapists rely on these processes and procedures.

I recommend systemizing your admin first to avoid being bombarded with questions all the time. Things like booking appointments, sending receipts, and processing payments should all be in place and streamlined, and luckily Jane app has all that covered for you. This is going to save you so much time and effort, so you can focus on the things that matter as the practice owner and enjoy your free time.

Why did you choose Jane for your practice?

I heard about Jane about eight years ago from a few of the therapists I supervised. They all raved, specifically about all the features that other platforms didn’t have.

I was using another platform at the time, but took the plunge and moved to Jane and it was SEAMLESS. We’ve been besties now for about five years.

⭐ Jane helps us be WAY more efficient and has helped streamline a very large clinic.

What is your favourite Jane feature?

The email and text reminders! They help clients show up and get the help they need.

How do you find Jane to be the most helpful to you?

Jane is super intuitive and easy to use, not just for my therapists but also for clients when they are booking online or getting on a video call. Jane is also on top of our needs and responsive to suggestions we have.

⭐ It’s super easy for our admin team of 6 to easily check the online Jane Guide if they have questions on how to do something. Love the instructional videos.

What’s your favourite Jane tip you like to share?

Use the online booking. It will take the burden off your admin.

📣 Jane Team Shoutout: Did you know you can make your brand shine on your online booking pages? Check out our Guides on Setting up your Online Booking like a Boss guide here. and Branding Your Online Booking Page

What would you tell someone who is considering Jane for their practice?

It will change your life. Jane will save you time, and make it super smooth and easy to scale.

What made you want to become a Jane Ambassador?

I already recommend Jane to everyone. I was kinda already an ambassador, so it was a no-brainer.

Anything else you would like to share with Jane or the Jane community?

Thank you. You guys are amazing! For anyone interested, I do free training each week in the Expand and Scale your Psychotherapy Practice private Facebook group.

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